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Kobe Style Beef

  • $359.95
    Tenderloin is the tenderest cut of all, and this beef tenderloin from Oregon-based Yamaya delivers the ultimate in buttery texture with brilliant flavor to match. Raised for up to 30 months, the Kobe-style beef has more marbling than conventional beef, which melts during cooking to produce a rich, deep flavor and succulent texture. 5 lb., 8 oz. (serves 8). Shipped fresh. Product of USA.
  • $95
    Professional BBQ chefs look for well-marbled brisket that emerges from a long, slow cooking tender, juicy and packed with meaty flavor that shines through tangy-spicy sauces. Oregon-based Yamaya, produces exactly that kind of brisket. The luxurious Kobe-style meat has more marbling than conventional beef, with a higher percentage of unsaturated fat, which melts at lower temperatures to baste the meat with flavor as it cooks. Whole brisket is 10 lb. (serves 68). Half brisket is approx. 6 lb., 8 oz.
  • $349.95
    Our Kobe-style rib-eye roast is a beef lovers dream come trueand the perfect entree for a celebration. From Oregon-raised cattle, this prized, fine-grained meat is more richly marbled than conventional beef, which makes it extraordinarily tender, juicy and flavorful. Kobe-style beef raised in Oregon by Yamaya, using Japanese methods and an all-natural grain diet. Washugyu are a crossbred of the famous Japanese Black Wagyu and the finest American Black Angus. Hormone-, antibiotic- and GMO-free.
  • $85
    Cut from the beef tenderloin, filets mignons are the most tender of steaks. These, from Oregon-based Yamaya, are also supremely flavorful, needing nothing more than a sprinkle with salt and pepper before cooking. This luxurious Kobe-style beef has more marbling than conventional filet mignon, which makes it extraordinarily juicy and succulent with a buttery texture that's never grainy. Two hand-cut 1"-thick filets; 8 oz. each. Shipped fresh. Product of USA.
  • $95
    For many meat lovers, the rib eye is the ultimate steak. Nearly as tender as a filet mignon, it has more marbling, so it fairly bursts with flavor. In these Kobe-style rib eyes from Oregon-based Yamaya, both of those characteristics are amplified, creating a steak with a melt-in-your-mouth, buttery texture and a rich, meaty taste that needs nothing more than a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Two hand-cut 3/4"-thick steaks; 12 oz. each. Shipped fresh. Product of USA.