Stand Mixers

An essential part of any baker’s kitchen, a stand mixer helps you make everything from whipped cream to dough, depending on the attachments that you’re using. Not just for bakers, a stand mixer from Williams-Sonoma helps you make other foods in the kitchen and is a welcome addition to any kitchen ensemble. Different sizes of mixers offer different capacities, to suit the type of the food you are making. It’s helpful to always have professional-quality equipment in the kitchen, no matter what you’re making.

Those looking for a smaller stand mixer that allows you more room on your countertop may appreciate a mini stand mixer. Ideal for smaller kitchens and apartments, this mixer still allows you to make five dozen cookies, in addition to a variety of other foods, including cakes, pastas and breads. A stainless-steel included bowl is easy to clean and maintain, and it is resistant to scratches and dings. A mini stand mixer has a soft-start feature that helps avoid splashing and mess. For larger kitchens or homes, consider a simple stainless-steel hand mixer. Similar to features of that of a mini hand mixer, this mixer has a larger capacity, with 10 speeds that allow you to go from very slow to extremely fast mixing. This larger mixer also features planetary action, allowing all of the attachments to move independently for better mixing. A larger stand mixer comes complete with accessories and attachments, including a wire whisk, dough beater, flat beater and pouring shield. Many hand mixers come in a variety of colors to complement your existing countertop and tabletop decor.

Those who plan to bake often or to use a stand mixer quite regularly should consider a professional series stand mixer with a heavy-duty capacity. A high-efficiency DC motor allows for several mixing speeds, and the glass mixing bowl allows you to stir up either eight loaves of bread or 13 dozen cookies. For ease of use, a lift mechanism is included that helps lower and raise the bowl. Easy to use and clean, a die-cast zinc construction is durable, allowing you to enjoy your stand mixer for years to come. Those who are considering a stand mixer with an extremely large capacity may like a 7-quart stand mixer. Also available in a variety of colors to match other kitchen electrics, a large-capacity stand mixer still fits in easily on your countertop. A 1.3-horsepower motor delivers a lot of mixing power, while 10 speeds allow you to choose how you’d like to use the mixer.