Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

For more than 100 years, the Lodge factory in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, has been faithfully churning out fine cast-iron cookware destined to become family heirlooms. Williams-Sonoma is proud to offer this American-made collection of cast-iron skillet sets, cookware sets, Dutch ovens and steel frying pans. Use seasoned cast iron for searing meats, grilling sausages and simmering chili and pasta sauce. While cast iron makes a crispy corn bread in the oven, you can also order heart- and square-shaped ovenware to bake this and other quick breads quickly.

To create soups, chilis and stews with uncommonly good flavor in your Lodge cookware, be sure to prep savory vegetables like sweet bell peppers, onions, garlic, carrots and celery. The right dice makes the flavors of these vegetables blend pleasantly without being overwhelming or too chunky when eaten. Use a Cuisinart Food Processor to chop, mince and dice all of your ingredients uniformly and easily. Another good companion for your cast-iron pans is a large pot to boil pasta and rice to accompany the sauces and meats you make with your Lodge cookware. Choose an ample Stainless Steel Multipot from Williams-Sonoma for versatile and long-lasting performance when simmering stock and soup or boiling pasta.