Scanpan Professional Collection

The Scanpan Professional collection from Williams-Sonoma offers cookware pieces that bring a touch of elegance to your kitchenware. Know you’re only using the best when you purchase these products. You can buy the 10-piece cookware set, which includes fry pans, saucepans, sauté pans and a Dutch oven. These pieces are also available individually. The Scanpan Professional collection offers nonstick fry pans that are great for cooking just about any type of food. These pans are dishwasher-safe, made of completely recycled aluminum and are constructed to ensure even cooking. With the ceramic-titanium coating, you never have to worry about using a different set of utensils for your nonstick pans. Even metal utensils can be used. Buy these frying pans in a set of two, or individually.

The Scanpan Professional Collection also includes a couple of different options for nonstick saute pans. One sauté pan features a long handle and is ideal for browning, searing and frying your foods as well as braising and simmering them. This pan is available in 2.5-quart or 3.5-quart size. The larger pan also offers a small helper handle to make it easier to lift and carry. These handles are made out of stainless-steel and stay cool for a longer period of time. Also in the sauté pan category is the covered chef’s pan, which makes braising and simmering food a snap. This large pan has a capacity of up to 4 quarts and features helper handles for easier manipulation.

Additionally, the Scanpan Professional Collection offers nonstick griddles and grill pans. The square grill pan is ideal for grilling your favorite meats like pork chops, burgers, steaks and more. This pan can fit easily atop a single burner, bringing your outdoor barbecue inside. It features a long stainless-steel handle as well as a handle mitt. The square griddle pan is another option. This flat pan is idea for making pancakes as well as burgers, Panini sandwiches, French toast and more. This pan also fits on one burner, making breakfast a snap.

The Scanpan Professional Collection features a nonstick wok as well. This pan can easily handle the high-heat temperatures needed for deep-frying as well as stir-frying. This pan is more than 12 inches in diameter and more 4 inches tall. This wok also features a tempura rack, used for draining the oil off of fried foods, to make the pan truly multifunctional. This pan also comes with a long handle as well as a helper handle, mitt covers and a set of chopsticks. Master Asian food in no time with this nonstick wok.