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Connoisseurs of cookware love the Revol brand because of the quality construction of its high-fired porcelain products and the companyʼs dedication to tradition. Williams-Sonoma provides home cooks the opportunity to bring some Revol magic into their own kitchens with our collection of cookware, bakeware and other porcelain goods. Products from the French-based company have been made for nine generations and are sold in eight countries on five continents with good reason. Each piece is individually molded, hand-finished, expertly glazed and perfectly fired for flawless looks and performance. If youʼre into baking bread, you need the Revol loaf pan, or choose professional-quality tart pans that make flans, flourless tortes or crusted tarts that are easily decorated with our pie crust cutters.

Revolʼs historic beginning occurred in 1768 when Pierre and Magdelene Revol got married and joined two pottersʼ families together. The soil in the coupleʼs original Lyon location had the perfect blend of kaolin and salts to sculpt durable and hygienic porcelain products, and the family continues to make their own clay from the special French soil in their region. The company is family owned and believes in hard work, humility and helping their local community. Their tunnel kiln, traditional values and modern manufacturing and shipping technologies make this a tried and true brand for serious chefs and home cooks. Start your collection with a nonporous, food-grade Revol utensil storage piece thatʼs a roomy and friendly addition to rustic or contemporary kitchens.

Bakers can never have enough ramekins to try out new recipes and make individual cobblers and cakes. The Revol Les Naturales ramekins are available in sets of two and have all of the qualities that embody the brand. The ramekins are designed for thermal shock resistance, easy release of food and even heating when cooking. Featuring no heavy metals, toxins or PTFE and made with environmentally safe materials, these ramekins have unglazed bases so that they wonʼt easily slip in a water bath or on the counter. The matte, natural finish is easy to clean, and the nonstick pieces are safe for use in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher or oven.

If youʼve been longing for a modern cocotte to braise succulent meats and make savory stews, casseroles and layered dishes youʼll appreciate the Revolution flameproof ceramic cocotte from Revol. It can handle the oven up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit, microwave, freezer and stove top, except induction cooktops, with equal performance and features a nonstick enameled surface thatʼs low key and contemporary. The heavy lid seals in flavor and has an easy-to-grip handle while the side handles make it easy to transport the cocotte from oven to the decorated tabletop for casual dinners or special events. The Revolution cocotte is available in six different sizes for singles or large families and will never scratch, rust or peel.

The 14-piece Revol Cookware Set is available in sesame or cream colors, and it features the basic bakeware and specialty cookware every kitchen needs and every baker dreams of owning. The set makes a lovely wedding or housewarming gift for loved ones or a special treat to give yourself. The square and rectangle pans can be used for brownies, macaroni and cheese or lasagna while the pie pan and round cake pans make holiday baking easy to accomplish. The loaf pans and tartlet pans are great for making specialty gift baked goods, and the ramekins are ideal for baking mini cheesecakes or single muffins.

Each of the items in the 14-piece set is also available for individual purchase to create your own Revol collection or to give as presents. The Revol round-based oil cruets are wonderful porcelain kitchen gifts to share, and theyʼre useful as well as attractive. The cruets are available in white or cool gray and are finished inside and out. The stainless-steel nozzle has two pouring holes for ease of use when cooking or preparing dressings. You can order the Revol square-based vinegar or oil cruets for cooking or for filling with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for salad courses.

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