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de Buyer Prima Matera

Everything in your home is an expression of your personality. Vivid colors say that you like to take chances and have some fun while shimmering silk curtains or a chandelier reveal an elegant and contemplative side. Your cooking also says much about you. No matter whether you are always dying to try exotic recipes from around the world or simply prefer keeping things closer to home, we at Williams-Sonoma believe your cookware should also make a statement about your signature style. Our pieces stand out with beautiful surfaces, distinctive shapes and materials that get passionate cooks like you very excited. Our de Buyer Prima Matera copper cookware is unmistakable and brilliant.

One of the things that’s easy to notice about our de Buyer Prima Matera pieces is their high-profile flared edges. They’re there for a couple of reasons related both to function and form. On a practical note, raised sides are very helpful for keeping ingredients exactly where you want them. It’s especially useful if you do a lot of sautéing and stir-frying since flared surfaces make it easy to flip vegetables. That’s ideal for uniform cooking since vegetables near the top are rotated almost constantly into contact with heat. Besides that, tossing sautéed food items through the air like a pro looks pretty awesome too.

When it comes to precise heat control and even cooking, copper is king. Our de Buyer Prima Matera collection excels in all areas with a 2mm-thick lustrous copper construction. It heats up very quickly and distributes that throughout the entire pan, including the sides. An inner layer of 18/10 stainless-steel gives you a nonreactive surface that can handle acidic foods without changing their amazing flavors. It’s also suitable for searing. Brown proteins beautifully, then add liquid and vegetables and allow those rich notes concentrate. Copper makes sure every part of your delicious creation receives the heat and care it deserves. Our de Buyer Prima Matera cookware is also safe for induction stove tops.

Incredible heating properties are only half of the equation – even though they’re an awesome half. The other part has to do with the decorative ambience you’re going for in the kitchen or dining room. The sharp contours and lustrous copper exterior of de Buyer Prima Matera cookware give any space major chic. Whether you hang your pots and pans above the kitchen island using a pot rack, keep your favorite pieces close by on the countertop or show them off while serving guests at a dining room buffet, they have a big effect on the room’s vibe. They bring the essence of everything beloved about Paris – great food, great wine and world-renowned art – into your home, adding a touch of vintage and tons of glamour.

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