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Temperature Control Stock Pot

  • $600$1,350
    Mauviel cookware is made in France of copper, a material prized for its ability to transfer heat quickly, distribute it evenly and cool rapidly. Polished to a gleaming finish, this pot measures as high as it does wide to increase the absorption of flavors into the liquid when making stocks and soups. Heavy-gauge 2mm copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control. Tin-lined interior is nonreactive and easy to clean.
  • $550
    Featuring heavy-gauge 2.5mm-thick copper, Mauviel MPro pans are designed to deliver the highest level of precision and performance. Mauviels culinary legacy spans more than 175 years, making their trademark copper cookware a favorite in leading restaurants and home kitchens worldwide. This commercial-weight cookware is made in France. Heavy-gauge 2.5mm copper offers unmatched heat conductivity and temperature control. Nonreactive tin interior is easy to clean.
  • $480
    Italy's legendary maker of copper cookware extends its metalworking brilliance to stainless steel with the Symphonia Prima collection. Designed for everyday use in the home kitchen, these pieces feature dishwasher-safe stainless steel in Ruffoni's stunning hand-hammered finish. With an aluminum core, this stock pot delivers highly controlled, even heat for simmering stocks and soups. Tri-ply construction consists of a 3mm-thick aluminum core between two high quality layers of stainless steel.
  • $240$350
    Le Creuset brings generations of culinary savoir-faire to its award-winning European stainless-steel cookware, creating the ultimate blend of tradition and innovation. Showcasing the company's iconic three-ring design, these professional stockpots are perfect for cooking larger quantities of savory soups and stocks. The tight-fitting lids help seal in moisture and circulate heat. Tri-ply construction sandwiches a heat-responsive aluminum core between an easy-care stainless-steel interior and exterior.