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Lid Saucier

  • Sugg. Price: $290$330 Our Price: $200$230
    Ideal for preparing a meal for two, this versatile pan is crafted in France with a gently rounded shape and sloped sides that facilitate stirring and whisking. Its broad surface area speeds evaporation, making it useful for reducing sauces and simmering risotto, polenta and other grains. Cast iron coated with durable porcelain enamel distributes heat slowly and evenly. A special vented lid makes this piece especially useful for cooking vegetables, rice or pasta.
  • $255
    Elite chefs depend on All-Clad's Copper Core cookware because of its superb responsiveness to heat. This saucier is the pan of choice for making reductions and sauces and cooking grains, with its high sloping sides and a rounded bottom for efficient stirring. Five-ply construction of securely bonded metals: a thick, heat-responsive copper core sandwiched between two layers of highly conductive aluminum with an easy-clean stainless-steel exterior and interior that won't react with foods.
  • $145$190
    The sloping sides of this saucier make it ideal for reducing a sauce, sauting vegetables or simmering risotto. A rounded bottom facilitates stirring and provides a broad surface for evaporating liquids quickly. The lid helps seal in moisture and heat. Three-ply construction sandwiches a heat-responsive aluminum core between an easy-clean stainless-steel interior and exterior; interior won't react with foods. Ensures fast, even heating. Riveted stainless-steel handle stays cool on the cooktop.
  • $170
    Representing the best in American craftsmanship, All-Clads d5 Stainless Steel line incorporates five-layer bonded construction as well as functional advances. The pan of choice for making sauces and cooking grains, our gleaming stainless-steel saucier has high sloping sides and a rounded bottom for efficient stirring. Spouts on each side allow for tidy pouring of contents onto plates or into bowls.