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Italian Riveted Cookware

  • $199.95
    Ruffoni transforms a simple fry pan into a culinary work of art, hand-hammering each piece from copper at their family's workshop in the Italian Alps. Exceptionally responsive to heat, the tin-lined copper fry pan has riveted brass handles adorned with sculptural artichokes and their graceful leaves. Handcrafted copper construction guarantees top precision and control, allowing the fry pan to respond quickly to changes in cooking temperature.
  • $150
    Pastry chefs and confectioners rely on this traditional copper pot to heat sugar or sugar syrups for making candies and desserts. Made in France, the pan can be used for preparing everything from pralines, caramels and hard candies to Italian meringue and buttercream frostings.Unlined 2mm-gauge copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control.Flat base and straight sides encourage sugar to melt swiftly and smoothly.Riveted tubular copper handle.Narrow spout simplifies pouring.
  • $210
    An elegant piece for baking side dishes and serving them beautifully at the table, this shallow oval pan is crafted in the Italian Alps, where master coppersmiths hammer every piece by hand. The handles are cast of solid brass that's sculpted into acorns and oak leaves.Crafted of hand-hammered copper for excellent heat conductivity.Interior is lined with durable nonreactive tin.Shallow shape produces moist food with a nicely browned top.Riveted brass handles are adorned with sculpted acorns and oak leaves.
  • $325$425
    Available in your choice of three sizes, this versatile stockpot is a culinary work of art. Hammered from a single sheet of copper at the Ruffoni family's workshop in the Italian Alps, the pot is then lined with tin and adorned with a distinctive hand-cast artichoke knob. Crafted of hand-hammered copper for excellent heat conductivity. Interior is lined with durable nonreactive tin. Tin-lined copper lid is crowned with a hand-cast brass artichoke. Riveted brass handles. 4 3/4-qt. stockpot: 7 3/4" diam.
  • $400
    Rich, savory braises are even more appealing when theyre prepared and served in this elegant tin-lined copper pan. Handcrafted by master coppersmiths at a family-owned workshop in the Italian Alps, it is as beautiful as it is functional. The heat-responsive pan has riveted brass handles adorned with sculptural artichokes and their graceful leaves. Wide, shallow braiser is perfect for browning ingredients on the stovetop, then transferring to the oven for long, slow simmering.
  • $32.95
    A mainstay of professional pastry chefs, this top-of-the-line Italian spatula provides exceptional control for icing cakes, smoothing batter and spreading fillings or ganaches. It's equally useful for lifting cake layers and transferring cookies from baking sheet to cooling rack.Flexible, angled 18/10 stainless-steel blade provides exceptional control and leverage.Sturdy nylon handle.Full-tang blade is triple riveted to the handle for strength and durability.