Gluten-Free Mixes

Whether you suffer from a gluten intolerance, or you’re just looking for healthier food options, be sure to take advantage of our selection of gluten-free mixes. Williams-Sonoma is excited to help you prepare dishes that have your entire family clamoring for second and third helpings. The first thing to try is one of the breakfast mixes. Take our gluten-free pancake or waffle mix and cook them into cute shapes that are interesting to kids, or stir in a piece of fruit, such as bananas or blueberries, to give the breakfast additional flavor. The pancakes and waffles come up light and fluffy every time.

Pick up one of our quick bread gluten-free mixes to whip up tasty breads and muffins for breakfast instead. The lemon poppy seed bread is ideal for serving guests with a cup of hot tea while the cinnamon apple quick bread is better with a cup of hot cider in the fall. Should you have a few children to serve, expect them to finish all of their chocolate chip bread slices eagerly in just a few minutes – and even ask for more. We also have a pumpkin chocolate chunk quick bread mix that comes with pecan pumpkin butter for rich, creamy texture to the bread.

Lunch and dinner are next, and we have a gluten-free mix for that as well. Create a delicious crust using our gluten-free pizza crust by adding a little water, olive oil and an egg. Next, personalize the pizza any way you like. Add sauce, cheese and your choice of meat or seafood. If you don’t like tomato sauce, then go with a white pizza that features a plenty cheese and garlic. There’s also the option to put together a vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, peppers and onions.

After lunch or dinner, treat yourself to a mouth-watering dessert. We have two different types of gluten-free cookie mixes from which to choose. Opt for the vanilla sugar cookie mix on occasions when you need cookies to decorate. Use colorful icings to turn the cookies into pumpkins in the fall, Santa faces in winter and flowers come springtime. The sugar cookies are dressed up easily for themed birthdays, baby showers and Halloween parties. The other available gluten-free mix is chocolate chunk. The semi-sweet chocolate pieces are very satisfying when you have a sweet tooth that just won’t go away.

Cookies are not the only desserts and baked goods that we offer in gluten-free. We also have delectable brownies and chocolate bouchon. The brownie mix also makes elegant lava cakes that impress visiting guests who follow a gluten-free diet, or a chocolate devil’s food cake for celebrating an anniversary. Add M&Ms and sprinkle the top with a little powdered sugar to spruce up the brownies. If you decide to go with the chocolate bouchon, try the mixture of bittersweet Callebaut chocolate chips and Guittard cocoa. These tiny cakes are also tasty with a little powdered sugar on top.