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From young chefs to novice adult bakers and even expert home bakers who find themselves short on time, baking mixes can be a beneficial tool in the kitchen. Measuring and proportioning ingredients in baking is something of a science, and sometimes, it’s nice to just open a box of mix that takes care of most of those measurements for you. Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of high-quality baking mixes that result in delicious dessert treats you can put together with just a few minutes of active prep time. Perfect for special occasions or emergency sweet tooth fixes when you’re low on ingredients, our baking mixes make it easy for you to get hands-on with the food you consume.

From sweet, cake-like quick breads to fluffy, petite cupcakes, our baking mixes cover a wide range of delicious dessert categories for you to experiment with. This is a great solution to turn to if presentation and decoration is your focus in baking; making the baking process itself simple and fast lets you spend more time focusing on your icing, sprinkles, glaceed fruit and other toppings to enhance and complete your dessert. Add to the customization by using a shaped cake tin to create spooky shapes and cute critters on special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

There are plenty of other options in our baking mixes section, including some breakfast mixes for everything from delightfully spherical Danish pancakes to classic malted waffles. You may not always feel like cooking an elaborate spread first thing in the morning, so you can count on our mixes to give you a hand and cut the prep time and cleanup requirements down to a manageable level. You can have your (pan)cake and eat it too with the ability to efficiently create fresh-made breakfast treats on a whim. Keep a few different varieties in your pantry so you can always be prepared to whip up a decadent breakfast on holidays or just as a weekend treat.

Our selection of baking mixes also includes gluten-free recipes that allow for inclusiveness in your kitchen. These gluten-free mixes cover a wide range of baked goods that typically include gluten, such as pizza dough, pie crust, cookies and cornbread. If you have a friend who’s often left out of dessert courses and other baked treats, keep a few boxes of gluten-free mix in the house so you can quickly create a delicious treat for your friend to enjoy. Such thoughtful gestures will result in gratitude and appreciation that’s well worth the small bit of effort it takes to make a mix.

Whether you’re craving something savory or have a need that only chocolate can meet, our collection of baking mixes provides convenience and ease for any occasion. These mixes are a great idea for vacations, holidays and other situations where you may want something fresh baked but won’t have the resources or time to work completely from scratch. You can also give some mixes with accompanying items, including cake tins, maple syrup or fresh-made jam, as gifts for everyone from your kid’s favorite teacher to your breakfast-loving boss. Mixes allow you to give a thoughtful gift without making any assumptions about culinary capability.

If you want to add even more convenience, check out our selection of prepared baked goods and desserts that require no mixing or baking at all. They’ll arrive at your door almost ready to eat; you’ll simply need to follow instructions such as thawing or heating to make your tasty treats ready for consumption. But for those times when you want to fill your home with the warmth and aroma of a freshly baked treat, our mixes can’t be beat.