Electric Slow Cookers

If you enjoy a homecooked meal but are always on the go, an electric slow cooker might just become your favorite must-have kitchen tool. From pot roasts to mac and cheese, all you have to do is throw your ingredients in and let them simmer for a number of hours while you are off at work, taking care of other household chores or just enjoying a relaxing day. Best of all, electric slow cookers mean healthier eating for you and your family, because long gone are the days of dropping by the drive-thru to grab a burger and fries for an easy meal.

Not all electric slow cookers are one size fits all. As a general rule, you want to look for one that has controls that are easy to operate, a snug and transparent lid, a durable and versatile insert and a warming function. What you cook, how much you cook, cleaning preferences and if you plan to take your slow cooker to family gatherings and holiday parties can also play a role in the one you choose. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer an assortment of electric slow cookers to suit any home chef’s needs.

If you often cook for large crowds, you might select something like the 7-quart Breville Slow Cooker with Easy Start. Its die-cast aluminum insert is suitable for use in the oven and for stove-top cooking, which means you can brown or sear your meat or roast your vegetables for extra flavor before slow cooking them. You can also use the insert as a serving dish to avoid dirtying up extra dishes. The low setting is ideal for simmering, while the high setting cooks in twice the time. A dual setting conveniently switches from high to low after a couple of hours.

If you are looking for something with more options, the Cuisinart Multi-Cooker might be your best bet. Not only does it simmer and slow cook, but it also steams, browns, roasts and sears your food with the touch of a button. You can set it for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and let it slow-cook for up to 24 hours.

KitchenAid makes a 4-quart electric slow cooker that is an excellent choice for any kitchen. It offers 10 unique functions that include searing, slow cooking, steaming, making rice and risotto and even making yogurt. Adjust your temperatures between 110 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and set the slow cooker for up to 12 hours.