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Michel Bras

Cutlery from Michel Bras was conceived in the Laguiole area of France and like all knives designed in the region, each Michel Bras piece is marked with a playful bee. Williams-Sonoma offers this fine cutlery in sets as well as individually. The Michel Bras knives follow a number system so you always grab the right blade for the cutting board, and these blades do all the jobs, from the messiest, toughest de-boning to the most delicate bread slicing.

Several key details set Michel Bras knives apart from the competition. The handles are made in a French-Japanese fusion of black PakkaWood with a chestnut-shape that's easy to grip and control. The matte-finish blades have a tough stainless-steel core and flexible stainless-steel outer layers for long life and they’re coated in titanium to further protect the metal from oxidization. Each piece of cutlery is one of a kind and has its own serial number stamped on the blade to ensure authenticity and ownership. The fennel plant symbol is Michel Bras professional logo and is also artfully etched on each blade. Add a pair of Williams-Sonoma sharpener around once a year. You will want to hone the knives once a week for a touch up, but the Michel Bras knives will hold their edge through many hours of kitchen work and will always look and feel good in the hand while you’re doing all that labor.