Stainless-Steel Stockpots

A staple in nearly every home kitchen, having the ideal stockpot allows you to cook and create a variety of different foods and meals for your family. Stockpots are great for a variety of reasons; you can boil pasta, cook shellfish and seafood or make delectable sauces with your stockpot. Having professional-grade kitchen equipment and pots and pans really can add to your cooking enjoyment. The right type of pot ensures that your food is cooked perfectly and evenly every time, and your kitchen set is easy to clean after a dinner party. Choose stainless-steel stockpots for your home kitchen for great heat distribution as well as easy maintenance.

Choose from a variety of different stainless-steel cookware to serve many different kitchen needs. A simple, standard stockpot is great for many home kitchens. Opt for a stockpot with a large, 8-quart capacity with a double aluminum and stainless-steel layer for not only the best in heat conduction, but also in durability. A stockpot with a nonstick coating also allows you to make a variety of sauces and stews without worrying about sticking or scorching. All nonstick products from Williams-Sonoma are PFOA-free, ensuring that no harmful toxins are ever introduced into your food. An included stainless-steel lid provides a tight fit, locking in moisture and keeping foods fresh.

Some cooks may appreciate a stockpot that is a mixture of both stainless-steel and copper. Copper is perhaps the best metallic conductor of heat, ensuring that there are never hot or cold spots in the pan, providing for even distribution of heat. A thick copper body heats in seconds and cools fast, so you don’t worry about burns. However, stainless-steel is easy to maintain and clean, so a stainless-steel interior on a stockpot provides easy maintenance in addition to even cooking.

A stainless-steel stockpot with a partial-enameled steel construction also provides terrific heat conduction and durability. Available in several colors to complement existing kitchen decor, these types of stockpots are great for any type of stovetop cooking, even induction. An included lid provides a tight fit, allowing heat to circulate inside of the pot while also locking in flavor. Other types of stockpots include a dedicated lobster pot, which is excellent for lobster and other shellfish, and five-ply stockpots, which are strong and tough. Contrasting layers of both aluminum and stainless-steel elongate the life of these pots and render them extremely durable.