Stock Pots: Stainless Stock Pots, Large Stock Pots & Covered Stock Pots

Williams-Sonoma carries an extensive line of stock pots to fulfill every need. Since they are some of the largest pots in most kitchens, we know it’s important that they be as easy to use as possible. All of the stock pots we carry have the three main features that are considered to be most useful by leading chefs.

Our pots have sturdy, heavy bottoms that allow for even, controlled browning. They have wide, secure handles that allow for efficient handling with large potholders when hot, and they have smooth, rounded rims that allow hot liquid to flow easily when pouring.

We carry a variety of sizes and shapes from short and wide, to tall and slim and anywhere in between. There are also several choices of materials including copper, hammered copper, stainless-steel, enameled-steel, granite and several non-stick varieties. Lobster pots are also included in this category, and we offer both fauceted and traditional variations.

Several styles of mandolines, slicers and choppers are available to help make preparing your soup stock and other dishes easy and enjoyable.

Handling a hot stock pot calls for high-quality kitchen linens including aprons, oven mitts, pot holders and kitchen towels. These can also make great, practical gifts.

It is a well-known fact that in addition to needing the right cookware, any great dish begins with great ingredients. We offer several types of gourmet salts, peppers and seasonings to add a little spice to your cooking.