Nonstick Griddles

Making a great breakfast is a perfect start to the day. While some breakfast foods, such as scrambled eggs, are easy to prepare in your frying pan, it really helps to have the right cookware to make the ideal breakfast plate. When it comes to pancakes, bacon and sausage, a nonstick griddle is a definite help in the kitchen.

Different griddle styles allow you to whip up a variety of dishes. For example, a double-burner griddle stretches over both burners on a stove, providing you enough space to cook several pieces of bacon easily, along with some sunny-side-up eggs and a pancake or two. A nonstick square griddle is a little smaller, encompassing only one burner on the stove, but is still roomy enough to cook one or two types of food for a hearty breakfast. You can make steak and eggs in the morning with a griddle that is half grill pan and half griddle. Serve up some eggs on one side and a T-bone on the other for an excellent breakfast, or grill a burger on one side while you fry bacon on the other, for a tasty lunch or dinner. You can also opt for a reversible griddle and grill for versatility. While you can’t use both at the same time, it is a great idea to have both an indoor grill and a griddle in your kitchen for cooking an assortment of foods. Outdoor nonstick griddles are also available, making camping much more fun or bringing life to your summer outdoor grilling. Simply set up an outdoor griddle on a grill, and then cook bacon, eggs and other breakfast foods outdoors. Outdoor griddles also work well for toasting bread.

All of the griddles available from Williams-Sonoma are nonstick, and we offer them in a variety of materials, making it easy to find the one that is best for you. Cast iron is sturdy and durable, and is meant to last for years of cooking and use. Ceramic griddles and grills are also available. Ceramic grills are very easy to clean, and are much better for cooking breakfast foods than a regular saucepan. In addition to a nonstick griddle and grill pan, add electronics such an espresso or cappuccino maker, or bring more sweet treats to everyone’s plate by making homemade and Belgian waffles in a waffle maker to make breakfast exceptionally special.