Dutch Ovens & Casseroles

Casserole Dishes & Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Our fondest memories from childhood probably revolve around the dining room table and the hearty casseroles, delicious stews and flaky dinner rolls that mom or dad would serve. Now you can create those same special occasions for your own family using Williams-Sonoma’s practical Dutch ovens and casseroles. From tasty lasagna to cheesy au gratin potatoes, our cookware will bring a smile to your kids’ faces and warm their hearts.

The Staub Cast-Iron Oval Cocotte is ideal for making herb-infused chicken or beef bourguignon, tender roasts and more due to its even heating and excellent heat retention. Its durable cast-iron and enamel construction means that first you can brown your proteins on the stovetop, then transfer the entire container effortlessly into the oven for slow cooking. Since each piece is coated with an exterior enamel coating available in attractive colors, such as Cherry, Sapphire Blue, Basil and more, it’s easy to take the recipient directly to the dining room table for serving. That way everyone at the table can perceive the wonderful aroma when you remove the cover. Make sure to use oven mitts and a trivet to protect yourself and your table from the hot container.

For excellent heat control and conduction, our All-Clad d5 Stainless-Steel Dutch Oven brings professional-quality pieces into your home. With five distinct layers specifically engineered to enhance different aspects of heating, this Dutch oven lets you brown meats quickly and precisely, then add potatoes, vegetables, liquids or whatever your recipe requires and finish cooking either on the stovetop or inside the oven. An attractive metal exterior also makes family-style table service a great option. Use delightful placemats to add a touch of personality to your dining room.