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Ice Cream Tools & Pops
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Ice Cream Tools

Popsicle Makers

Ice Cream and Popsicle Tools

One of the highlights of a hot, summer day is enjoying a cool treat. This applies to children, but also to adults as well. Make homemade ice cream and Popsicles with our variety of tools available at Williams-Sonoma. For a simple and fun dessert, involve the kids and make some Popsicles. We offer a range of designs for the Popsicle molds, which includes fun options like dinosaur molds and fish molds. Popsicles can be a healthy alternative, especially if theyʼre made with fruit juices that are low in sugar. Better yet, use homemade juice made from one of our electric juicers. The electric juicers make juicing a cinch. Just add the fruits of choice, such as strawberry and lemons, to make a refreshing juice. Take that juice and pour it into the molds. Stick it in the freezer, and in a matter of hours, enjoy a delicious Popsicle with minimal sugar and processed ingredients.

Making ice cream can be an easy process as well, especially with our compact ice cream makers. These most closely resemble typical bowls and allow chefs to add their ingredients and stir until the ice cream is made. Experiment with different ingredients and recipes to create a range of desserts, including gelato and sherbet. Since the bowls donʼt necessitate the use of traditional and bulky machines, itʼs possible to enjoy homemade ice cream on a regular basis. Complement the ice cream maker with an ice cream scooper from our collection. If traditional tools appeal most, then grab a scoop with a wire scraper. Choose from a modern option, including a scoop with a heat-activated liquid that makes scooping hard ice cream hassle-free. Make sure to grab a gelato scoop as well since its soft nature requires a different type of scoop.

Instead of making the ice cream from scratch, take a look at our ice cream mixes. We offer traditional flavors such as strawberry and chocolate as well as flavors like sʼmores and cake batter. You can also work from scratch, and incorporate select ingredients to add a pop of flavor. Choose from our selection of chocolate and candy to get the job done. We have marshmallows, chocolates and caramels. For a sophisticated twist, add some nuts or chopped toffee pieces. These items can be incorporated into the ice cream, or added to the top of scoops as additional toppings.

For others, the ice cream sandwich maker is a must-have item. It comes with a mold for the cookie and a mold for assembling the sandwiches. Create combinations that are simply not found in stores, such as vanilla cookie and chocolate chip mint or chocolate cookie with a raspberry peach ice cream. But, it doesnʼt end there. Any type of ice cream can be elevated with the addition of select toppings. Add a mound of fluffy whipped cream from our whipped cream makers. These dispensers create rich and creamy whipped cream and can also be used for buttercream frosting. Top that with a cherry, sprinkles or a drizzle of chocolate, and enjoy a decadent sundae that rival the local restaurantʼs offerings.

Serve the sundae or ice cream scoops in one of our ice cream bowls. Glass bowls offer an elegant presentation or choose a traditional sundae bowl that offer a dose of nostalgia. These are dishwasher-safe and can also be used for yogurt parfaits or for making cake cups. Regardless of oneʼs personal preferences, these ice cream and Popsicle tools are sure to make for unforgettable desserts. Bring your kids into the kitchen to help prepare these easy desserts, and make it an engaging family event.

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