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Pet Hair Vacuum

  • Sugg. Price: $715 Our Price: $649.95
    Ideal for households with furry friends, this upright vacuum delivers the powerful airflow needed to lift and remove pet hair, and a sealed system to prevent it from circulating back into the air. It comes with a handheld turbo brush for cleaning stairs and upholstery and an active charcoal filter to absorb odors. Features Mieles powerful yet quiet two-motor system one for suction, one for the rotary brush.
  • Sugg. Price: $749 Our Price: $649.95
    Ideal for homes with pets, our exclusive Miele Calima vacuum comes with an air-driven turbo brush that powerfully loosens dirt and pet hair for fast, effective cleaning of carpets and rugs. A separate parquet floor brush safely cleans tile, wood and other smooth surfaces, with 90-degree rotation for easy maneuvering around furniture and corners. Recommended for smooth surfaces, low- to medium-pile carpets and area rugs.
  • $149.95
    If your home includes furry friends, this accessory kit is a powerful addition to your cleaning arsenal. It gives you four Miele accessories proven effective for cleaning pet hair and dander and neutralizing odors, all designed to work with Miele vacuums. Kit includes: Mini Turbobrush: Ideal for vacuuming cut-pile carpets and delicate upholstery, this tool can clean high-traffic stairs and remove pet hair from your furnishings with ease.
  • Sugg. Price: $1,049 Our Price: $949.95
    Miele's quiet, powerful canister vacuum is indispensable for households with furry residents. An extra-wide brush head powered by its own motor thoroughly removes pet hair and dander from smooth and carpeted floors. The specially designed air-filtration system ensures that hair and odors stay contained. A five-level height adjustment handles the full range of floor types throughout your home. Use the separate parquet floor brush to clean tile and wood with extra care.