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  • $5.95
    Youve never made scones quite like these soft, light and flaky, with a taste and texture somewhere between a biscuit and a shortbread cookie. This baking mix is a family recipe from Washington-based Garveys, which prides itself on using the finest organic ingredients. Easy-to-use mix produces scones that are tender and light with a slightly crisp exterior. Made with the highest-quality organic flour. Sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice.
  • $15.95
    Organic California apples and classic pie spices turn our European-style caramel sauce into a decadent autumn treat. To give the sauce its rich flavor and luxuriant texture, artisanal confectioners blend heavy cream, butter and sugar in copper kettles, then stir in aromatic spices and juice from apples that are organically grown in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
  • $10.95
    Its easy to bake tender, flaky biscuits with our fast and fuss-free mix, made with wholesome organic ingredients. Simply add butter and milk, and mix gentlythe key to creating a light texture to make a dozen Southern-style buttermilk biscuits. Serve them piping-hot from the oven with breakfast eggs and sausage gravy, or as a side with savory favorites like fried chicken, stew and ribs. Makes 12 biscuits (1 lb., 2 oz.). Made in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
  • $9.95
    Our handcrafted mixes makes it easy to bake classic cream scones with crisp, golden crusts and soft, fluffy interiors. To ensure tender texture, we use Americas finest organic pastry flour from family farms, then custom milled by a company dating back to 1856. Prep is simple:Just stir in heavy cream, knead the dough lightly, shape it into a round and cut into wedges. For the perfect finishing touch, sprinkle the included demerara sugar on the scones before baking.
  • $14.95
    Celebrate the flavors of fall with fresh-baked muffins, made with real pumpkin puree for deep flavor and a deliciously moist, tender texture. They're easy to preparejust add milk, butter, eggs and water. Custom-milled organic flours give the muffins a wholesome goodness, while Saigon cinnamon adds a spicy finishing touch. For a crumbly topping, weve included a packet of spiced oat streusel mix. 1 lb. 8 oz. (makes 12 muffins). Made in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
  • $29.95
    Pure maple syrup is a treat in itself, but barrel aging transforms this organic premium-grade maple syrup into something truly extraordinary. Kettle-cooked syrup is aged for weeks in 12- to 18-year-old casks originally used to make bourbon. Richly aromatic flavor, with notes of butterscotch, vanilla, charred oak and bourbon (but without the alcohol). Classic partner for pancakes, but also delicious drizzled over fruit, used as a glaze for roasted meats, poultry and fish or stirred into yogurt. 12.6 oz.
  • $14.95
    Bring the flavors of the orchard into your kitchen with our easy-to-bake muffin mix, made with diced apples for deep flavor and deliciously moist, tender texture. Custom-milled organic flour gives the muffins a wholesome goodness, while molasses and warming spices add an autumnal finishing touch. The included packet of streusel mix adds a crumbly topping with a delectable blend of rolled oats, brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon.
  • $16.95
    Bouchon Bakery first opened to bake bread for chef Thomas Kellers award-winning restaurants, and it soon expanded to include all sorts of memorable treats. Today, our exclusive muffin mixes make it easy to enjoy a taste of this award-winning bakery at home. Carrot: Hearty muffins showcase the natural goodness of rolled oats and bits of organic carrot, delicately flavored with Nielsen-Massey pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and a warm, spicy blend of Korintje cinnamon and Indonesian nutmeg. 1 lb. 4.1 oz.
  • $12.95
    Made with pure, premium ingredients, our organic mixes make it easy to bake flavorful quickbreads for breakfast, brunch or last-minute desserts. For superior quality, we use premium flour thats sourced from family farms and custom milled by a century-old American company, and we add organic fruits, pure sugar and premium flavor extracts. Just add water, butter and eggs, then bake in a loaf pan.
  • $14.95
    Bursting with the bright, tart flavor of citrus, this premium mix makes it easy to bake a moist, tender lemon cake that tastes as wonderful as it looks. Our special blend begins with Americas best organic pastry flour, sourced from family farms and custom milled. For the ultimate lip-puckering flavor, we used real lemons and tangy sour cream. Simply add eggs, butter and cream, and bake in a bundt pan for a fluffy, aromatic cake.
  • $16.95
    A wholesome tribute to the autumn harvest, this premium mix makes it easy to bake a moist, tender pumpkin cake enriched with classic seasonal spices. Our special blend begins with Americas finest organic pastry floursourced from family farms, then custom-milled. For the ultimate fall flavor, weve included a packet of pumpkin puree. Prep is a breezejust add eggs, butter and milk. To decorate your homemade Bundt cake, a sprinkling of confectioners sugar or a simple glaze is all you'll need. 2 lb.
  • $14.95
    The perfect companions for our Bundt pans, our mixes make it easy to bake moist, tender cakes that taste as wonderful as they look. Made using premium ingredients, these special blends all begin with Americas finest organic pastry flour, sourced from family farms, then custom milled. Decorating your home-baked cakes couldnt be easiera sprinkling of confectioners sugar or a simple glaze is all you need. Devil's Food is as decadently dark and rich as its name implies.
  • $10.95
    A simple way to make tender, golden crusts for pies, quiches, tarts and more, our mix is premeasured and premixed for easy prep and great results. Weve combined organic pastry flour with sugar and a hint of pink sea salt for subtle flavor; just add butter and water and cut together lightlythe key to a light and flaky texture. The mix yields a classic crust that pairs well with sweet or savory fillings, and browns beautifully. Makes two standard 9" bottom crusts, or one standard 9" double crust (13.2 oz.).
  • $18.95
    Our convenient mixes make it easy to bake a dozen of your favorite cookies in minutesjust add butter and eggs. These premium mixes are created from the best all-natural ingredients, starting with Americas finest organic flour sourced from small family farms, custom-milled for us by a company founded in 1867. Sugar: Includes pure cane sugar and creamy vanilla for classic golden cookies with sweet, delicate flavor. 1 lb., 8 oz. (Makes approx. 5 dozen 2" cookies).
  • $15.95
    Pumpkins are one of the greatest things about fall especially when theyre baked into rich, spicy cookies. Our all-natural mix uses only the very best ingredients, including real pumpkin, sweet spices and Americas finest organic flour, to ensure delicious, aromatic cookies with minimal measuring and easy preparation just add butter and eggs. Decorate the cookies with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar or colorful icings. 1 lb., 8 oz. (makes 18 cookies). Made in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.