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Mediterranean Sea Salt

  • $4.50
    Just a sprinkle of our finishing sea salts from The Meadows, an artisanal food purveyor in Portland, Oregon, can radically enhance and balance the flavors of foods and bring out subtle sweet and savory nuances. These big, bold sea salt flakes are harvested from the Mediterranean via a network of dikes and ponds that result in intensely salty flavor. Just a few flakes on hearty vegetable salads, sauted vegetables, chocolate mousse, or bread pudding will add depth and satisfying crunch. Taster: 0.6 oz.
  • $9.95
    Celebrating the signature flavors of France, this aromatic seasoning combines premium French grey sea salt with a classic medley of Provenal herbs. An essential addition to any pantry, our versatile blend can be used as an ingredient in cooking or to season foods at the table. Our blend of premium French sel gris and aromatic herbs can be used in place of traditional salt, enriching foods with classic Mediterranean flavor.