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Lemon Sauce

  • $11.95
    Brighten up the avor of your grilled foods with our tangy lemon herb grilling paste, a take on our best-selling rub. We use real lemon zest, then blend it with fragrant garlic and onion, pungent black pepper and parsley. The mix is then combined with California grapeseed oil, which has a naturally high smoke point that protects your food from the intense heat of the grill.
  • $16.95
    Preparing a memorable meal is simple when you have this timesaving starter on your pantry shelf. Showcasing the bright flavors of Meyer lemons, our braising base is the foundation for a dish thats perfect for family meals and easy, elegant entertaining.We've combined the delicate, tangy taste of Meyer lemons with roasted California garlic, whole-grain French Dijon mustard, Italian extra-virgin olive oil and California Chardonnay wine.
  • $16.95
    Inspired by the springtime bounty of Italy's open-air markets, our pasta sauce makes it quick and easy to enjoy authentic regional cuisine. For bright, fresh flavor, we've slow-simmered artichokes, leeks and scallions with Chardonnay wine and tangy preserved lemons, finishing the blend with mint, chives and parsley. For a great home-cooked dinner, simply heat the sauce and toss with your favorite pasta. 1 lb. 8 oz. Made in USA.
  • $16.95
    Celebrating the bright, fresh flavors of citrus, basil and capers, our pasta sauce is the secret to whipping up a Mediterranean-style dinner in minutes. We highlight the rich, savory goodness of sun-dried tomatoes, capers and Parmesan cheese by gently simmering them with white wine, lemon and herbs. For a great home-cooked dinner, simply heat the sauce and toss with your favorite pasta. 1 lb. 10 oz. Made in USA.
  • $12.95
    Whip up a flavorful meal with slow-cooked taste in mere minutes with our skillet sauce. We cooked bright Meyer lemon juice with tender artichoke hearts, then added capers, herbs and chardonnay for a sauce that evokes the sunny Mediterranean. Preps a snap: Simply add your favorite meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables, simmer and serve. 16 oz. (Serves 4.) Made in USA.