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Bamboo Handle Brush

  • $5.95
    Essentially two brushes in one, this eco-friendly tool is designed specifically for cleaning tilework and grout. The soft outer bristles gently clean tiles without scratching, while the tough inner bristles go to work scrubbing grout stains. Bristles and body made from recycled plastic. Bamboo handle has natural oil coating to prevent water damage. Easy-grip handle shape for forceful scrubbing. Curved for convenient hanging storage. Stands on end for quick drying and bacteria build-up prevention.
  • $6.95
    Our wok brush is handmade in a Chinese village by elderly workers who are skilled in making classic wok tools using traditional techniques. Fashioned from bundled bamboo strips, the simple device works wonders at removing the encrusted food that sticks to a wok after high-heat cooking. Stiff, thick bamboo bristles scrape and clean the inside of a wok. Bamboo handle.  Swirl the brush under warm running water to quickly clean wok after use. Ideal for use with our hammered carbon-steel woks.
  • $19.95
    Made from recycled plastic and sustainable bamboo, this eco-friendly dustpan and brush set includes a handy scraper for releasing stuck-on dirt, and a built-in comb for cleaning the brush. Rubber lip on dustpan catches dirt for easy sweeping. Built-in comb on top edge of dustpan removes debris from brush bristles. Brush bristles made out of recycled plastic. Brush handle made of bamboo and plastic. Scraper on brush tip releases stuck-on mess. Hanging loop on both nesting pieces for space-saving storage.