Thanksgiving Stemware and Drinkware

If you happen to be hosting a Thanksgiving meal this year, there is no doubt a myriad of things already on your mind. It’s time to buy the food and prepare the menu, to clean and decorate the house for all of your guests and to ensure that you have all of the items and tools that you need on hand for a holiday feast. It’s a good idea to check your inventory of bakeware, cookware and cutlery, making sure you have all of the tools on hand to create a seamless holiday. Also remember to check your stock of glassware, barware and mugs, ensuring that you have just the perfect accompaniments when it’s turkey day crunch time. Choose from a large selection of Thanksgiving stemware and drinkware, available from Williams-Sonoma.

While cocktails are certainly important at Thanksgiving, first ensure that you have enough water and general drinking glasses on hand to match your guest count. If it’s important to you to have everything match and complement your existing decor, consider a set of etched tumblers with an elegant crystal style, or a water decanter with a set of matching glasses that easily suits everyone. Goblets with copper rims also have a festive, autumnal feel and work well at a Thanksgiving table.

Wine is a common staple for a Thanksgiving feast and, similar to water glasses, you’ll need a durable, matching set on hand for use during the meal and after. For a polished look, choose the same style of etched crystal glasses so your wine and water glasses match, or simply opt for a set of red or white wine glasses that work well not only for Thanksgiving, but also for all year round. If champagne is to be part of the celebration, ensure that there are plenty of flutes or coupe glasses on hand so you can celebrate the occasion.

For actual cocktails, have a handful of old-fashioned and highball glasses on hand for different types of cocktails, keeping in mind that these also work well for fruit juice, water and other non-alcoholic drinks. Martini glasses and Nick and Nora cocktail glasses are also a good idea to have on hand for the festivities. Serve a variety of cocktails in a martini glass, including Manhattans and gimlets, and serve straight-up cocktails in Nick and Nora glasses for celebrating after dinner or during the football game.