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One of the most looked-forward-to holidays of the year, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to sit down and catch up with friends and family who you may not have time to see throughout the year. Of course, a big part of Thanksgiving is the food. Everyone looks forward to turkey, stuffing and football on this special day out of the year. Thanksgiving entertaining works best when you have all of the right tools and equipment and Thanksgiving serveware offers a festive holiday touch to any dinner table. Williams-Sonoma offers a bevy of different plates, tools and serving options to ensure that your Thanksgiving gathering is a successful one.

Dinnerware is an important part of the Thanksgiving meal. It’s not quite Christmas yet, so select themes that are autumn inspired as opposed to winter. Sunflowers and pumpkin motifs are a great choice for the Thanksgiving table. Look for or build an entire set that offers you dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and coffee mugs for a complete set for your get-together. Turkey themes also work well for Thanksgiving, and not just for serving the bird. An autumn dinner plate with a turkey design is an elegant touch. Go simple with plates and dinnerware that display words, such as “Thankful” or “Grateful,” on them. Elegant, simple white dinnerware also works well for a Thanksgiving feast and is also versatile enough to use all year round.

Serving platters are also paramount to an excellent Thanksgiving feast. You need a large one to ensure your bird safely makes it from the oven to the tabletop. A plain porcelain serving platter works well for any meal, or choose a holiday theme with turkey or pumpkin motifs. Fall leaves also work well at the table. Also consider other accessories that make your table a success, such as plate chargers and tureens for dipping and sauces. Another must-have item for your table is a gravy boat. Choose styles that match your existing dinnerware, or opt for a special turkey theme that comes out just for the holidays.

Beyond dinnerware, an excellent way to decorate your table for Thanksgiving is to have festive table linens. Whether your choice is a full tablecloth or a table runner to accent your dinner table, choose bright and bold autumn colors that simply enliven your dining room. Locate pumpkin and sunflower themes that match your already existing dinnerware and serveware while plaid or turkey designs in neutral colors add warmth and joy to the room. Opt for something muted and mild, such as a simple beige runner that simply portrays elegance for your table. Choose matching napkins for a polished look, along with cutlery that matches your holiday motifs. For wonderful accents that suit your table, look for napkin rings and placemats for a classic, festive feel. Candles also make a great addition to any dinner table. Opt for simple white candles in beautiful pumpkin-shaped copper candleholders. Lanterns, hurricane and Mason jar candleholders offer a rustic, vintage look as well.

In addition to dinnerware and linens, you need holiday glassware to add to the occasion. Not just for cocktails, look for glassware that works well for non-alcoholic drinks, too. Water goblets are essential for a Thanksgiving table while tumblers with a matching water pitcher also help accent the table. If you have a large party that enjoys wine with dinner, then a festive set of wine glasses is in order. Similarly, for guests that enjoy cocktails, you want to provide martini and rocks glasses for those who’d appreciate a vodka martini or a whiskey sour. Champagne flutes are also a nice touch for a celebratory Thanksgiving table.