Riedel “O”

Riedel O wine glasses put a modern spin on traditional stemware by disposing of the stem entirely, leaving you with just a bowl you can hold and set on a table with ease. Perfect for the modern, carefree wine drinker, Riedel’s “O” collection combines nearly 300 years of crystal-making expertise with the priorities of a contemporary sophisticate. From relaxed evenings alone to dinner parties with a large group of friends and family, these glasses are just right for serving both red and white wine. Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of Riedel “O” tumblers suitable for different wines, including chardonnay, champagne and cabernet.

As the pioneer in the practice of designing wine glasses for specific grape varietals, Riedel has further demonstrated its multigenerational commitment to creating the world’s best glasses to enhance the pleasure of drinking wine. With bowl shapes based on the design of its famed stemmed wine glasses, Riedel created the tumblers in this collection to enhance flavors with shapes that provide the right exposure to air for the most prominent wine varieties on the market today. And though they have a connoisseur’s seriousness, these wine glasses are perfect for casual use. As an additional enhancement to the everyday, relaxed approach these glasses represent, Riedel “O” glasses are dishwasher safe, giving you the ability to quickly clean up after a lovely little tipple at any time of day.

The Riedel “O” collection offerings also include a handsome decanter that matches perfectly with the glass tumblers. Equipped with a clever thumb hold in the base, this decanter allows for easy one-handed pouring, matching the cool, casual approach of the glasses. This decanter has a wide, ellipse-shaped mouth with a generously thick lip that helps to prevent spills and drips, keeping your pours precise and your tablecloths clean. The decanter is the perfect way to give a bottle some air before you and your guests use the tumblers for tasting. With its curvy, artistic design, you’ll be happy to keep this decanter on display whether it has wine in it or not.

Whether they’re a gift for a loved one entering adulthood or an addition to your personal glassware collection, the tumblers and decanters in the Riedel “O” line are perfectly balanced. Providing a chic take on classic stemware designs, Riedel proves that even a company that’s been around for centuries can stay on top of changing attitudes toward formality and wine drinking. Embrace everyday elegance with Riedel “O.”