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Schott Zwiesel Cru Classic Wine Glasses

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Everyone wants a little bit of luxury in their life. One way to enjoy it is having an elegant dinner party with friends and acquaintances. Of course, where thereʼs a celebration, thereʼs bound to be a bottle of wine. Infuse your evening gala with chic thanks to Williams-Sonomaʼs collection of Schott Zwiesel wine glasses. Their sleek crystal surface and distinctive designs make you feel like a movie star every night. Marble Fortessa dinnerware is just as attractive and can also stand up to everyday use.

If youʼre still worried that your kids are going to break your favorite stemware, go with Fortissimo. They take durability – in a collection thatʼs already resilient to begin with – even farther. This line is preferred by top-notch restaurants and hotels around the globe because of it. That way you can breathe easy, but still enjoy your nights of romance and sophistication from time to time. If you want to feed your kids something quick and tasty before heading to a restaurant for a dinner just for two, pop a couple of sandwiches in your Panini press. Your youngsters wonʼt complain.