Is there any light fixture that brings more allure to a room than a chandelier? From grand foyers to beautiful bedrooms, chandeliers add instant glamour and polish to any space. These hanging light fixtures are typically characterized by the presence of multiple light sources, most frequently in the form of light bulbs branching off from multiple arms. Chandeliers often have a vaguely circular or spherical structure, and at times, this shape shines through quite cleanly in the fixture’s design. Williams-Sonoma Home offers a luxurious selection of chandeliers in a range of different styles, sizes and finishes. Whether you choose an ornate multi-arm model or a simple circular option, our chandeliers deliver just the right amount of gravitas for your home.

Light fixtures have a practical job to do, but they’re also important decorative elements. As you’re deciding on the right chandelier for your room, focus on options that provide the right kind of light and are the right scale for their destination space. Since form is just about as important as function with these light fixtures, follow your taste instincts as well. Choose a chandelier that sets the right tone for a room. If you’re designing from scratch, consider making the chandelier the focal point. If you’re replacing a light fixture in a fully decorated room, pick a chandelier option that blends well with the other furnishings and decor in the space. You can choose to make the chandelier the focus in an already decorated room too, as you are prudent about being sure that the style you choose complements your existing design.

Our carefully curated selection of chandeliers includes everything from casual styles with minimal embellishment and simple fabric shades to luxuriously ornate options with rows of faceted crystals. Ultimately, the style you choose is a matter of your personal taste. If you find a style you like that doesn’t match with other home decor, let it serve as inspiration for a complete overhaul.

Like pendant lights, chandeliers are right at home in rooms that need overhead lighting due to a lack of acceptable existing fixtures or insufficient surface space for a floor or table lamp. Chandeliers generally produce diffused light that’s powerful enough to cover an entire room, so they’re an excellent choice for dining rooms, home offices, bedrooms and other spaces that need a powerful overhead light source. Many of our chandelier designs allow you to adjust the hanging height so you can achieve the best possible position to light the room just right.

Pair a chandelier with table lamps when you’ve got the space. For example, in a bedroom, a chandelier can hang centrally in the room while table lamps provide lighting from night stands on either side of the bed. This gives you a configurable amount of light that you can use to provide plenty of illumination throughout the whole room or less-powerful directional light for reading in bed. Our chandelier styles are diverse, and some match or complement lamp styles from other categories in our lighting section so you can create a complete, perfectly coordinated lighting arrangement.

Our chandeliers are worthy lighting options for any refined home. With material options like shimmering glass crystals, gleaming metallics and stately leather, these hanging light fixtures have an unmistakable decorative impact that enhances and elevates any space. Whether you prefer a casual, approachable style or you want to go for the most glamorous look possible, these chandeliers provide engaging options for your home. Create depth and dimension by hanging lovely light fixtures from your ceiling. You’ll love the polished look and elegant feel that comes along with the presence of a carefully designed chandelier.