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Light has a huge effect on your emotions. It makes you happy, fills you with hope and gives you a bright outlook on the day. The type of light fixture you choose infuses your home with personality. If you want to create rooms that feel rustic, exciting, soothing or sophisticated, picking out the right home lighting is one of the best ways to make it happen. At Williams-Sonoma, we have tons of different styles to make finding the ones you love as easy as flipping a light switch. Here are some ways to use them.

Table Lamps

When choosing accent pieces for your home, don’t forget to include table lamps. They do bold decor really well. For elegance, a ceramic base is a good choice. Crystal pieces add a ton of brightness to the room. Metallic accent lamps feel modern and sleek. And there are vibrant tones too to complete the space’s color scheme. They work well on bedside tables, console tables in the living room and as lighting in your home office.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps fill large spaces with a lot of indirect lighting. That soft illumination is extremely relaxing and easy on the eyes. That’s why floor lamps are very popular in living rooms. They complement the comfort of a sofa or recliner, making you want to kick up your feet and relax.


Since lighting tells people a lot about your style, it makes sense to choose pieces that reflect your personality. Pendants are great for that. They often feature really distinctive artistic touches, from welded metal to fine layers of woven material. A pendant puts the finishing touch on a beautiful bedroom and gives a kitchen island a culinary appearance. It’s also a good choice above a pool table in the family room.


Few things are as intimate as a set of wall sconces. They provide gentle and warm illumination in the bedroom, making it easy to fall asleep at night. Want to create an elegant bathroom? Sconces are a natural choice. They make soaking with rose petals even better and add a touch of romance too. Adjustable reading lights are helpful near the bed also.


Chandeliers are all about magnificence. They’re not timid. So use them in spaces that you want to stand out. At the kitchen table, a metallic chandelier provides lots of light and chic. That enhances the appearance of the food and helps everyone have a good time. Or leave your guests breathless from the moment they walk in the door with a sophisticated crystal chandelier in the foyer.