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All Lighting

Illuminate every space in your home with chic lighting fixtures from Williams-Sonoma. Does it feel like your bedroom or den is lacking in atmosphere? If so, transform the room’s aura with the right lighting. Not only do wall sconces come in an assortment of trendy styles, they are a great option when you want to cast the space in soft, romantic lighting. Give your room a rustic feel with a sconce that features an oil-brushed finish, or enhance contemporary decor with a glittering crystal sconce. Adjustable wall sconces are fantastic options if you wish to change the direction of the light with ease.

When relaxing on the sofa, the overhead light may feel like it is too strong. Bathe the room with softer lighting by adding a floor lamp to your seating arrangement. It doesn’t matter if your prefer modern fixtures or traditional pieces; a wide array of finishes and lampshades ensures you find a floor lamp that complements your home’s existing decor. For many students and professionals, the sofa doubles as a comfortable office. A task floor lamp combines the functionality of a desk lamp with the simple sophistication of a floor lamp. Adjust both the arm of the lamp and the positioning of the shade so that the light hits your work at the proper angle.

After a long day at work, few things feel more amazing than unwinding with an interesting book before bedtime. Once your body is ready for a restful night of slumber, maintain that level of tranquil relaxation by reaching over to your nightstand to switch off your charming table lamp. Though table lamps are a terrific way to add extra light to a defined area, they also double as decorative accessories when they are not in use. Pick from a number of gorgeous finishes, such as an exotic tortoise pattern that replicates popular minimalist designs from the 1950s. Or, opt for a classic textured porcelain lamp. This traditional piece seems to never go out of style. If you prefer to vary the level of lighting, select a table lamp that contains a dimmer switch. Just flick the switch to quickly adjust the brightness of your lighting.

After you have spent hours preparing a delicious feast, you want the lighting in your dining room to show off your hard work. Hang a dazzling chandelier in your dining area to illuminate the fruits of your kitchen labor. Chandeliers with elongated chains permit you to easily hang the piece at your desired level. Never again will a guest inadvertently bump into the light fixture when rising from the dinner table. To soften the glow of your chandelier, look for a design that covers the bulbs with paper shades. For a distinct look, pick a linear chandelier. The horizontal style of the linear chandelier mimics the Art Deco design popularized in the 1930s. Replicate the look and atmosphere of a candle-lit dinner by installing a chandelier fitted with multiple candlestick lamps. This smart selection mimics the look of candlelight without the hassle of an open flame.

Pendant-style lighting works well in almost every room of the house. When searching for pendant lights for your kitchen, look for fixtures that boast multiple lights. Some designs affix the lights across a lengthy cross bar so that the illumination covers more than one area of the room. In smaller rooms or areas that require softer illumination, a lantern pendant looks amazing. Install lantern pendant lights in the hallway, sitting room or even your outdoor spaces. Hang the pendant light from your gazebo or porch so that you have a light source for entertaining your friends or enjoying a quiet evening dining in nature.