Electric Pressure Cookers

When you’re under pressure to make a fantastic and healthy meal as quickly as possible, a pressure cooker is ideal. This handy machine cooks nearly any type of food, from pasta to ribs, right on your countertop, and in roughly 70 percent less time than if you used a typical stovetop or oven method. Much better than opting for takeout or fast food, a Williams-Sonoma pressure cooker lets you choose from a number of different recipe styles to make cooking at home that much simpler.

A simple, 6-quart-capacity pressure cooker does well for a lot of households. Push-button controls make operating the cooker nearly foolproof, while pre-programmable settings let you decide exactly how to cook your food. Choose from settings such as cooking, browning, sautéing and simmering to cook low- or high-pressure meals right in the attached nonstick cooking bowl. Cook between a temperature range of 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit to make a variety of different foods, and use a model with a 99-minute timer to control the time and see exactly how much is left.

If you plan to use your pressure cooker often, you may want to opt for a model that has more options. Look for a larger-capacity pressure cooker with options such as Keep Warm, Saute, Sear and Reduce. Some modern pressure cookers also double as slow cookers, allowing you to either slow cook or pressure cook items, depending on your timeframe and the foods you’d like to make. A professional pressure cooker provides you with automatic steam release as an extra safety precaution, as well as dual sensors inside the machine, giving you better temperature control and more uniform cooking. A combination machine may include up to 11 pressure cook settings to make some incredible meals, in addition to high and low slow cooking settings, which allow you to cook for up to 12 hours.

You may also appreciate a more classically designed pressure cooker, such as one that works on the stovetop as opposed to the countertop. This analog-type pressure cooker still offers quick and efficient heating. A 10/10 stainless-steel exterior along with an aluminum insert provide for excellent heat conductivity and ease of cleaning, while an auto pressure release valve for safety ensures easy operation. With two settings or more for high and low pressure, you’re able to cook everything from chili to fish right on your stovetop, and the included steamer basket opens up a world of even more recipes.