Slow Masticating & Cold Press Juicers

Slow masticating juicers feature a single auger that crunches fruits and vegetables into a pulp, which releases the juice and breaks the cell walls down to give you the most juice from your ingredients. Because these juicers donʼt produce heat during the process, you also get more nutrients. Whether youʼre new to juicing or looking to upgrade your juicer, Williams-Sonoma has your needs covered. Start by browsing our selection of slow juicers and cold press juicers and considering your overall needs. Choose a product based on its size, capabilities and finish.

When youʼre looking at the size of a juicer, consider how much space it takes up on your counter and the amount of pulp that it can hold. Many of our models sit at slightly more than 12 inches high, making them ideal to keep out on the countertop all the time so you have easy access to your juicer. If youʼre a large-batch juicer, or you like to make other things, such as nut milk, nut butter or baby food, go with a model that has the largest capacity. Large pulp strainers and easy maintenance are key features for frequent juicers who like to just measure their ingredients and juice them all at once.

While size is important for figuring out where youʼll stash your juicer, the features and functions are important indicators of how the machine performs. For the easiest cleanup, look for models with a pre-clean function that cleans the machine while squeezing out every drop of juice. Ideally, the juicer should have an integrated storage area for any nozzles or attachments. Additionally, many modern slow juicers feature more than one filter, which provides the most concentrated juice possible. Cold press juicers offer maximum citrus juice with minimal effort. Look for models with an easy-grip handle and an integrated strainer to catch seeds and pulp.

If youʼre like most people who invest in a slow juicer, you want to keep it on the counter within easy reach so that you use it every day. This makes it particularly important to pay attention to the juicerʼs finish. Juicers come in a variety of colors from white and black to stainless-steel. Cold press juicers often come in stainless-steel with white or black accents on the base. Coordinate your slow juicer and cold press juicer to your other countertop electrics and appliances for a cohesive look in the kitchen.