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Ice cream is synonymous with dessert. If you have ever wanted to create your own ice cream or throw an ice cream party with your friends, Williams-Sonoma has every type of ice cream appliance you need to make it happen. Choose from a plethora of ice cream makers to turn your home into an ice cream parlor. You can also find all of the other essentials for throwing an ice cream bash at home, including bowls, scoops, toppings and waffle cone makers. If you end up making too much ice cream, which is of course a good thing, you can even find storage solutions for your home freezer.

If you are new to the process of making your own ice cream, start with your very own dessert mixes. You can find a number of starter kits in a variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, cake batter and creamy caramel. These ice cream starter kits come individually packed in 12.7-ounce packets and only require heavy cream and half and half. After throwing the mix into your ice cream maker, the product takes about 30 minutes to freeze and it’s ready to serve.

We have a wide variety of high-tech ice cream appliances that efficiently give you smooth and creamy desserts on a consistent basis. Find an ice cream maker that makes about 1.5 quarts of ice cream per batch. It freezes your ice cream evenly with a temperature control, giving you even results each time. If it’s your first time making ice cream, the easy-to-read LED controls guide you through the entire process with minimal effort.

Another ice cream maker gives you several different options for your end result, including super soft and extra firm, for using ice cream in different dessert applications, such as eating out of the bowl or making ice cream sandwiches. The beeper feature lets you know when it is time to add extra ingredients, such as candy, fruit or chocolate chips. Its quiet operation only interrupts your everyday activities when it wants to tell you the ice cream is done.

For an old-fashioned batch of ice cream, go for an ice cream appliance made of New England pine that makes about 4 gallons of dessert in 20 to 40 minutes. This appliance gives you the option of using electricity with its 12,000-RPM motor or hand-cranking it for some traditional ice cream making fun. This ice cream appliance comes with a recipe book that allows you to create time-tested batches as soon as you get it.

When it comes to serving your ice cream, you can go traditional with a bowl or you can make your own waffle cones in a waffle cone maker that doubles as a breakfast electric device. If you already own a waffle maker, simply attach this cast-aluminum accessory to it, pour in your favorite batter, and then roll the finished dough into a cone before serving ice cream in it. The non-stick coating gives you even results each time and makes cleaning up simple.

In order to properly serve your homemade ice cream, you need the proper serving piece. Find a wide variety of aluminum, stainless-steel, plastic and ceramic scoopers for every texture of ice cream. No bowl or cone is complete without a little bit of rich topping on it, and We have a variety of them, including caramel, chocolate, butterscotch and hot fudge. For those times that you want to complement your ice cream creating with some quick options, we offer a variety of pre-made dessert treats, including individual pints, gelato and ice cream sandwiches. All of these frozen novelties ship frozen right to your front door.

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