Turkey Fryers

As an interesting and unique way to celebrate Thanksgiving that’s been popular for years, a professional turkey fryer is the safest and most effective way to fry a turkey for the holidays, or for any other time of year. Most turkey fryers are excellent at deep frying much more than just turkey, and are an easy way to fry up some of your other favorite foods, such as French fries, chicken wings and falafel. Make your holiday exceptional this year with a juicy and fresh deep-fried turkey on the dining room table.

Choose a turkey fryer that best suits your needs. The fryers available from Williams-Sonoma have terrific features, such as a digital control pad and timer. A large-capacity rotisserie fryer is ideal for deep frying a turkey, and many of them also double as a basket fryer and steamer in order to cook a myriad of other foods. A rotisserie fryer actually requires approximately 33 percent less oil to fry a turkey than a traditional deep fryer, making frying just a tad bit more healthy. This is because the turkey is constantly rotating on the rotisserie, which also lends to uniform, even cooking. A turkey can be deep fried in a rotisserie fryer at the rate of 3.5 minutes per pound, making your holiday cooking a lot more seamless and stress-free. For frying food other than a turkey, simply remove the rotisserie to cook a number of different foods.

For those who want something a little smaller than a large-capacity rotisserie fryer, consider a smaller fryer. Small smart fryers let you deep-fry everything from turkey to French fries, with handy features such as a Fresh/Frozen setting, a mesh filter to minimize odor, a viewing window so you can view food as it’s frying without lifting the lid and a durable, stainless-steel construction for ease of cleaning and years of use. For those who want a more dedicated turkey fryer, consider a smaller rotisserie turkey fryer and steamer. This type of fryer is more concentrated on deep-frying a turkey; however, as with the larger fryer, you can simply remove the rotisserie and fry other foods. A stainless-steel construction provides durability for years of use, while an included thermometer helps you keep an eye on oil and cooking temperatures. A 2.5-gallon capacity allows you to fry small turkeys as well as side dishes, potatoes and chicken wings with ease, and the tight, stainless-steel lid keeps foods from becoming soggy after frying.