Golden Cup Coffee Makers

All coffee drinkers appreciate a nice cup of coffee, and there are some who are very serious about their coffee. Those who are adamant about coffee having the perfect taste, temperature and texture may appreciate a Golden Cup coffee maker. This is not a specific brand; in fact, several brands feature Golden Cup makers. These machines have been specifically tested to meet certain standards by the Certified Home Brewers of the Coffee Association of America, and each of these machines has the Golden Cup seal of approval for coffee perfection. To upgrade your coffee experience, consider a Golden Cup maker, as many are available from Williams-Sonoma.

For those who want an exceptional coffee maker but do not have much counter space, an eight-cup Golden Cup model from Bonavita provides excellent coffee in a smaller package. This machine features one-touch operation for ease of use, making up to five 8-ounce cups of coffee at one time. A featured pre-infusion cycle allows for the extraction of roasted coffee, providing the perfect cup every time. This maker brews directly into a 50-ounce stainless-steel thermal carafe, allowing you to enjoy your brew at home, or take it with you on the go.

There are also several Golden Cup models manufactured by the brand Techniworm. If your mornings are hectic, opt for a quick machine that brews the perfect cup of coffee in merely five to six minutes. Within the machine, a nine-hole spray arm disperses the water over the coffee grounds for an even, tasty brew. For the best in uniform temperature, a copper lining is found in the spray arm, making sure temperature is perfect and consistent. An adjustable brew basket also allows you to brew a half-pot when you desire, making measuring and pouring simple and easy. This product is also BPA-free.

Besides the standard drop coffee maker, some pour-over coffee makers make the Golden Cup cut. A pour-over maker from KitchenAid features an electronic brewer, making the pour-over process simple and easy. This machine also pre-wets the grounds, ensuring that the flavor extraction is perfect and preserving the coffee’s natural taste. This model also has an easy-to-read digital display, allowing you to brew either Medium or Dark Roast. Several other brands also have attained Golden Cup status, so you are able to choose from favorites, such as OXO, Chemex and Wilfa, for your Golden Cup brewing and tasting experience.