Stainless-Steel Pots

If you cook many meals at home, it’s important to have a well-stocked kitchen. This applies to not only food but also to your kitchen set and ensemble. Having the right pots and pans can make a difference when it comes to making meals, especially when you’re tackling something new. When it comes to professional-grade kitchen equipment, many professional chefs use stainless-steel not only at work, but also in their own homes. A terrific conductor of heat, stainless-steel allows for even distribution of heat, so food is cooked more evenly. Stainless-steel pots are a great addition to any kitchen, whether you’re whipping up a sauce or boiling a lobster.

Different types of stock pots have different functions, and having several in your kitchen is a good idea, especially if you create many in-house meals. A simple, stainless-steel pot is great for making everyday items from soups to stews. Many of these pots have a five-ply construction, with a mixture of layers of both stainless-steel and conductive aluminum. This not only provides durability, elongating the life of the pot, but also ensures better distribution of heat. Many of the pots available from Williams-Sonoma have an 18/10 stainless-steel construction, one of the strongest available for pots and pans. Many pots also come with included lids to help lock in moisture for a tight fit.

Look for stainless-steel pots with a pasta insert to make cooking pasta that much simpler. No more colanders are needed as you simply pull the pasta insert out to drain. These types of posts are typically dishwasher-safe with a large capacity for cooking bigger meals. The strong, stainless-steel core allows you to place a stainless-steel pot on any stove-top surface, including induction. Pasta inserts are also sold separately, so you can always add them to an existing stock pot at home. Add a stove-top steamer for creating delicious vegetables right on the stove top. This durable stainless-steel insert fits right inside an All-Clad brand saucepan, turning your pan into a steamer simply and efficiently. Stainless-steel double boilers are also great to have on hand in your kitchen ensemble, allowing you to make candies and sauces such as Hollandaise sauce with ease. Several double boilers have a copper core construction, meaning that their strong copper core is the best conductor of heat, and its multiple layers of aluminum and stainless-steel add to its longevity and durability.