Nonstick Roasters

Between formal dinners and family get-togethers, the winter holidays are a great time of the year to get together, enjoy big meals and great company. For the dinner host, it may also be the only time of year their roasting pan is brought out of the cupboard. While everyone looks forward to the meal each year, cleaning up might be a different story. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your roaster to a new, nonstick roasting pan so cleanup is seamless and easy, and you are able to enjoy more time relaxing with your guests. This may even be enough to motivate you to roast a few exceptional dinners throughout the year as well.

Opt for a simple, nonstick roasting pan with a rack, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. This roasting pan is equipped with a triple-layer, PFOA-free nonstick surface, so that your bird or roast never sticks to the pan. In addition, this roaster is dishwasher safe for even more ease of cleanup. The roasting rack is nonstick as well, allowing you to easily place your bird in the rack and roasting pan, searing it if desired, and roasting it to its full potential. In addition, metal utensils and other cutlery won’t damage this durable roaster, so it stays beautiful and usable year after year.

Stainless-steel nonstick roasters add a sleek look combined hard durability for a resilient roaster. Thick and durable stainless-steel cookware never reacts with foods, and the PFOA-free coating renders this type of nonstick roaster easy to clean. Our stainless-steel roaster is also a Williams-Sonoma exclusive and includes a nonstick roasting rack as well as a thermometer, so you know exactly when your bird or roast is perfect. The side stainless-steel handles also stay relatively cool on a cooktop after the pan has been removed from the oven for easy handling.

For those who prefer to cook without a rack, you are also able to purchase a nonstick roasting pan by itself. With ample room to roast meats, chicken and more, this roasting pan is also PFOA-free for your peace of mind. Nonstick racks are sold separately as well. And those who enjoy cooking outdoors may be interested in roasters that are specifically made for grills. These versatile, high-heat roasters are ideal for any type of cooking situation, but are specifically made for grilling, so you are able to enjoy a mouth-watering roast even during the summer months.