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Junior Chef

The love for cooking starts at an early age. Both boys and girls get excited when watching mom or dad cook, and they usually want to help out. Other kids seem to be born to cook. If your youngsters are begging to lend a hand or already have tons of talent in the kitchen, they need their own tools and cookware to really shine. And that’s where we come in. Our Williams-Sonoma Junior Chef cookware sets feature the same culinary excellence as the pieces we make for adults, but are light enough for small hands. Share unforgettable moments with your kids and spark their creativity for years to come.

One kitchen essential is a fry pan. Anodized-aluminum is durable enough to stand up to everyday use and occasional accidents that any chef – young or old – makes when learning how to cook. The ceramic nonstick surface makes cooking a lot easier since food moves around the pan without problems. It doesn’t matter if kids are making eggs and bacon or working with veggies and proteins; everything browns quickly and releases effortlessly. And since all of our nonstick cookware is PFOA-free, it’s not bad for you. No matter who ends up cleaning the dishes at the end of the day, the ceramic coating is dishwasher-safe so it doesn’t take long.

Silicone sleeves on Junior Chef cookware protect inquisitive hands from accidental burns. Plus, they make carrying pots and pans around a lot more comfortable. And if kids want to take their masterpiece from stovetop to the oven, just slide the sleeve off of the fry pan and pop it in. The pan can handle up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit with no problems. That’s useful for roasts and braised dishes, as well as for adding a touch of melted cheese to the top of finished recipes. Cheese tools make quick work of cheddar and parmesan.

Any chef needs a good sauté pan. Its 6"-high sides keep ingredients inside so the stove stays clean. But even with a large diameter, the chef’s pan only weighs 3 pounds. A tempered-glass lid helps food cook faster, but also lets kids keep an eye on things. That helps them to build confidence because they can make sure their dishes turn out the way they want. Treat youngsters to homemade ice cream afterwards for a special taste.

Of course, stove-top cooking is only half of the equation. A lot of kids have real talent when it comes to baking. It’s fun for them since most ingredients are hands-on. Plus, what kid doesn’t like to eat the finished chocolate-covered results of his or her hard work? Our Junior Chef Bakeware Set includes precision stainless-steel measuring cups and spoons so recipes are a success. A rolling pin lets them handle dough for pizza, cookies and other pastries like a pro. And a sheet pan and cooling rack sized just right for kids let them bake their mouthwatering creations on the spot.

To cook like a chef, boys and girls need to feel like a chef. Show them that you believe in them with a personalized Junior Chef Jacket. Kids go crazy when they see their name under the word chef, and – let’s face it – moms and dads love those kinds of moments when looking back on family photos years later. Ours are crafted from 100-percent cotton so youngsters stay cool in the kitchen. Ample proportions protect their other clothes from the inevitable splatter that comes with cooking. Oven mitts are a great idea too.

Teach them the basics. Knife skills are important for any professional. With supervision, your kids can get a good head start in the kitchen with our Junior Chef knife set. A paring knife, a 5" chef’s knife and a serrated utility knife help them get a handle on things. They’re light enough for youngsters to manage with ease. Laser-cut high-carbon stainless-steel holds its edge for a long time.

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