Copper Specialty Cookware

If you’re the type of person who likes to try new things and branch out in the kitchen, chances are, you have a lot of neat gadgets and specialty cookware in your kitchen ensemble. Taking your cooking to the next level usually involves an upgrade with some professional equipment. When it comes to niche and specialty cooking, many chefs use cookware that has a copper construction.

The reason many chefs use copper is because of its heat conductivity. Copper, as a metal, conducts heat thoroughly and evenly. This can be a definite plus when you’re using a fondue pot or are melting sugar or making sauce in a pan. Copper cookware has no “hot spots” or “cold spots,” making your cooking experience much more enjoyable and seamless. Choose from a variety of specialty products, such as a gratin pan for small roasts and meals or a stockpot for broths and soups. Many specialty copper pieces let you transfer food easily from oven to table, and ornamental acorn brass handles add decor, fitting in with your other tabletop accessories. A copper fondue pot with a stand not only looks exceptionally beautiful for presentation but also offers creamy fondue that is never scorched or too hot. A copper fish poacher pan allows you to easily poach fish in the oven, transferring it immediately to table, and a Zabaglione pot allows you to bring the delectable and famous Italian dessert right to your kitchen. You are also able to add a completely decorative copper look to your presentation with a copper champagne bucket for special events.

Copper cookware from Williams-Sonoma that goes in the oven or on the stove top, such as a tatin pan for making tarts, has a stainless-steel or tin protective coating on the inside in order to keep copper from reacting with food. It also provides you with an easy-to-clean surface after the meal is complete. Copper Core items are also available in copper specialty cookware. Copper Core provides a strong copper core for the best in heat conductivity between two layers of aluminum and stainless-steel for ease of use and the best in durability. A Copper Core double boiler, for example, is built to last for years of whipping up confections and fondue. A Copper Core wok also provides you with the best stir-fry, never scorching and always heating thoroughly. Those looking to upgrade their entire kitchen ensemble may be interested in copper cookware sets that let you make over your kitchen with a collection that includes cookware such as saucepans, frying pans and Dutch ovens.