Copper Saucepans

One of the most important staples in any kitchen, a saucepan is one of the most used and utilized pieces of cookware in your kitchen ensemble. Made for everything from heating up macaroni and cheese for the kids to whipping up a fresh batch of tomato sauce for Sunday’s big dinner, a saucepan must be versatile, efficient and long lasting. A saucepan should also distribute heat evenly, ensuring that all of your foods come out perfect every time. Many professional chefs opt for copper saucepans for their jobs and at home.

Because copper is a terrific conductor of heat, foods cook evenly and thoroughly, so you never have to worry about “hot spots” and scorching or “cold spots.” When you are heating up foods, such as milk and butter, having a saucepan that doesn’t scorch is paramount. All of the copper saucepans available from Williams-Sonoma have either a stainless-steel or aluminum interior, so that copper, a highly reactive metal, does not interact with the taste of the food. A stainless-steel interior also renders copper cookware much easier to clean and maintain, allowing for a more seamless cooking experience while elongating the life of the product. Bronze or “stay cool” handles prevent against sudden burns or accidents and stay cool to the touch while locking lids allow you to keep lids firmly in place while cooking oatmeal or other foods that require a long simmer time.

In addition to regular, copper saucepans, you are also able to choose from specialty pans to make exciting and different foods in your kitchen. A copper sugar pot allows you to be a professional confectioner at home, heating up sugars and syrups in this versatile pot. Specialty cookware, such as a polenta pot, lets you make polenta with the best in heat conductivity, and a butter warmer is a great idea for heating butter, in addition to making special sauces and small batches of soup.

Choose Copper Core products from Williams-Sonoma when you want the best in both heat conductivity and durability. All Copper Core products and saucepans have a layer of copper sandwiched between a layer of aluminum and stainless-steel. These heavy-duty pots do an incredible job while still looking sleek and professional. These saucepans are ideal for any type of cooking situation, even induction cooking. Those interested in giving their kitchen ensemble a complete makeover can peruse the entire line of copper cookware sets, including a large selection of Copper Core. This is the best idea if you need to replace a lot of items, and need far more than just one saucepan to do the job.