Copper Roasting Pans

There are certain types of meals that you don’t make every day, but when you do prepare them you still want the most professional, top-of-the-line equipment to create a spectacular feast. Roasting pans are something many homes only use several times a year for big events, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nonetheless, you want them to last, be easy to use and stay easy to clean. As far as cookware is concerned, many professional chefs turn to copper for their kitchen ensembles in order to cook the best food.

Copper is an incredible heat conductor, meaning that it distributes heat completely and evenly through its surface. When you cook with copper cookware, there are no “hot spots” or “cold spots” to be found, making cooking much more seamless and enjoyable. When it comes to cooking something such as a roast or turkey, it’s a great benefit to have even cooking; you never want one part of the roast to be more done than the other. Copper has a tendency to be very reactive to food, however, so all copper items available from Williams-Sonoma have a stainless-steel or tin liner on the inside to make sure every dish you create is prepared safely as well as evenly.

Choose from a selection of different types of copper roasters with different capacities. For a large bird or a meal, such as an oven pot roast, opt for an oval-shaped copper roaster with an almost 8-quart capacity. Brass handles on the sides and included lid are easy to use and provide a decorative ornamental accent to the dish. For an open type of roaster, such as for ribs or chops, opt for a simple copper roaster that allows you to cook all of your favorite recipes to perfection. A stainless-steel interior allows you to clean this piece of ovenware quickly and easily, while its oven-to-table features allow it to remain an ideal staple for your kitchen. Roasting pans with Copper Core are also available. Copper Core products have an internal layer of copper for heat conductivity situated between a layer of aluminum and stainless-steel for extreme durability. Copper Core is also available when you purchase complete copper cookware sets. Give your entire kitchen cooking repertoire a makeover with copper cookware and ovenware, allowing for the best in heat conductivity with a full line of professional products. Copper cookware sets include items such as fry pans, saucepans and Dutch ovens, keeping you prepared with any type of cookware your dish of the day requires.