Specialty Cookware

Cast Iron Woks and Cast Iron Baking Dishes

In use for thousands of years, cast iron helps to make tasty meals, whether over an open flame or in wood ovens. This versatile material remains a favorite in today’s cooking as well. Cast iron possesses excellent heat retention and distribution properties, which means that is stays hot for a long time and heats the entire area to ensure even cooking. It is also a naturally nonstick material, which is great for cleanup. Williams-Sonoma makes high-quality cast-iron cookware that is both durable and elegant. You can brown proteins or vegetables on your stovetop easily, and then transfer the entire pan to the oven for slow cooking. With beautiful enamel finishes, our cast-iron pieces let you take your dishes directly to the dining room table. You can also serve a finished meal on an elegant platter that combines with your home decor.

The Staub Cast Iron Vertical Chicken Roaster is an innovative product that takes advantage of cast iron’s excellent heat transfer properties to roast the whole chicken evenly – on the inside and out – with a vertical shaft. This helps the meat to remain moist and tender. By filling the pan below with herbs, lemon and garlic, you ensure that a flavorful vapor will bathe the chicken while cooking and infuse it with flavor throughout. For a singular meal that is sure to delight your family or guests, our Staub Cast Iron Crepe Pan with Spreader & Spatula makes it easy to create exquisite crepes that you can fill with cheese, sauteed vegetables or fresh fruit. The cast iron pan ensures that your crepes brown evenly for superb results. Always wear an apron and have oven mitts nearby when handling cast iron pieces to avoid burns.