Cookware Sets

Cast Iron Cookware Sets

Cast-iron cookware has a reputation for durability, even cooking, heat retention and beautiful designs. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of cast-iron cookware sets to meet all of your cooking needs. The Le Creuset Cast Iron & Stoneware 11-Piece Cookware Set comes in four colors and features enameled cast-iron pieces with tight-fitting lids. Dishwasher safe, each one has large handles for easy use and can go from the stove to the oven. The set includes a braiser, Dutch oven, French oven, casserole dish and skillet. They also offer a Signature 8-Piece Cast-Iron Cookware Set with fully enameled surfaces that require no extra seasoning and resist staining and dulling. This set includes a round and oval Dutch oven as well as grill pan, fry pan and braiser.

Cast-iron cookware sets from Staub include the 12-Piece Cookware Set made of heavyweight-enameled cast iron with a glossy finish. Available in two colors, the exterior resists chipping and rust and the interior features traces of quartz providing extra heat resistance and a tougher cooking surface. The set includes a grill pan, fry pan, two au gratins, and two cocottes. Staub also offers two smaller versions of their sets in four and seven pieces. Add some cast-iron cookware to your kitchen and enjoy the benefits of their rugged design.