Cookware Sets

With its time-tested reliability and superior durability, cast iron is a must-have for every well-stocked home kitchen. Whether you choose to use these versatile cast iron cookware sets as your only cookware or use them in tandem with other types of pots and pans, you will turn out rewardingly good dishes with minimal effort. The use of cast iron cookware dates back centuries, and there’s a reason it‘s still around in spite of all the innovations that have come onto the scene since this sturdy material made its debut. With the ability to heat evenly, withstand high temperatures and build up its own nonstick coating without the use of synthetic chemicals, cast iron cookware is a kitchen staple that has earned its place.

Williams-Sonoma carries cast iron cookware from world-renowned brands such as Staub and Le Creuset. There’s more than just a name in these impressive pedigrees. These companies built their reputations on quality and high-end design, and they maintain that reputation by delivering consistently distinctive products to market. Home chefs can buy one set of this cookware and, if it‘s maintained properly, keep it for life, even passing it down to children or grandchildren over time. Not only is the function of these cast iron cookware pieces just right, but their form is also second to none. Available in a range of beautiful colors, you may just want to display this cookware for all to see in your kitchen.

Each cookware set in this collection is different, and different brands may deliver distinct items that suit your needs better. Even if you‘re brand-loyal to Le Creuset, it may make sense to consider all the options available to you here so you can get the most out of these adaptable sets. Grill pans, Dutch ovens, frying pans and gratin dishes are all available in varying combinations. Choose from a simple three-piece set or go for the full dozen according to your needs.

These cast iron cookware sets deliver enameled cast iron that may include cooking surfaces without enamel coatings. Pay close attention to the care instructions included with your set. With the right preparation, maintenance and usage, you can end up with an all-natural cook surface that rivals the usefulness and ease of care of a specially designed nonstick pot or pan. If this sounds daunting, don’t be discouraged. Cast iron is not a high-maintenance material. It is not indestructible, but that would be a lot to ask in the kitchen. Care for your cast iron cookware set pieces as if you want to keep them forever, and they’ll repay you by holding up and delivering evenly cooked food for years and years to come.