<h3>Muddlers and Cocktail Stirrers</h3>Entertaining for the holidays or for any other celebration throughout the year is fun and exciting, and having a houseful of guests always promotes cheer and happiness. Having a well-stocked liquor cabinet with all of the necessary <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/tabletop-glassware-bar/tabletop-bar-tool/">bar tools</a></u> helps make the concocting and preparation of adult beverages just a bit easier. Like most, you probably have a few bar tools under your belt, such as a cocktail shaker and a jigger or two. You most likely also have a corkscrew and a set of bar glasses that are just dying to be used. There are some secondary tools, however, that can really add a kick to your <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/thanksgiving/">Thanksgiving</a></u> punch. Look for muddlers and cocktail stirrers that can help you prepare everything from an Old Fashioned to a Tom Collins within minutes. Available from Williams-Sonoma, these special bar tools are sure to make your shindig a success.</p><br><p>You might be familiar with the famous line from James Bond movies that goes "shaken, not stirred." That’s because some of your guests will prefer a shaken drink, and others will prefer a stirred drink. And then there are some that can’t tell the difference. However, having a few cocktail stirrers on hand allows you to make just the right drink for your guests. Known as stirrers or cocktail spoons, stir a martini, Cuba libre or even a cosmo with these handy gadgets.</p><br><p>For those that want the James Bond treatment, stock your <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/tabletop-glassware-bar/">bar</a></u> area with strainers to help complement your cocktail shakers. There are several different types that work well with different types of strainers. For example, if you’re making a mint julep, you may want to opt for a mint julep strainer. Otherwise, for manhattans and martinis, a classic strainer top does the job just fine. Simply add ice, shake and pour. A muddler is also a special tool that is sometimes used when fruit is called for in cocktail recipes. Perhaps the most popular drink that requires a muddler is know as an Old Fashioned. Made with a variety of different crushed fruits and bitters, smash these items in the bottom of a glass or shaker using the muddler tool. Great for nights by the fire, drinks in your home office, or celebrating on your back porch, a muddler tool is handy to have for those special occasions. Of course, if you can’t decide individually on what type of bar tools you need, you can always opt for a complete set that includes <u><a href=”http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/cooks-tools/cook-bar-tools/cook-cocktail-shaker/">shaker</a></u>, strainer, jigger and ice tongs. With a copper finish, this set is long-lasting and durable, great for any type of occasion.</p>