Garnishing Tools

When you sit at a professional bar, what do you see? In addition to all the bottles of liquor, the different kinds of glasses, the beer taps and the ice, you probably see a lot of different tools. If you want to bring your home bartending efforts to the next level, garnishing tools are a must-have. From cocktail rimmers to garnish picks, Williams-Sonoma offers a handy selection of options for garnishing tools. These implements can change the way you approach making drinks at home by expanding possibilities and allowing you to find inspiration in places you may never have though to examine, including the rim of a cocktail glass.

There are a few classic cocktails, including the margarita, that all but require the use of a cocktail rimmer. While you can always serve your margaritas without salt, your guests may be disappointed to miss out on this balancing aspect of the drink. Don‘t miss out on the opportunity to add a sugared, salted or otherwise flavored rim to drinks of all kinds, even nonalcoholic mocktails for kids and designated drivers. Simply moisten the rim of your chosen cocktail glass with a wedge of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit that you swirl around the very top portion of the glass‘s rim, and then dip the moistened rim into your rimmer. Any dry, grainy substance, including herbed salt, colored sugar, sprinkles and cookie crumbs, can make an excellent garnish for your drinks. Then pour in your chilled cocktail from your shaker and serve.

Our cocktail picks also offer you a generous degree of versatility in how you approach the enhancement and decoration of your mixology creations. Available in durable materials such as stainless-steel, our cocktail picks are suitable for reuse, cutting down on waste and giving a more polished look to your drinks. Use these picks to skewer berries, Luxardo cherries, herbs, olives, cheese, hot peppers, pickles and more – let your imagination run wild as you add flavor and color to your drinks.

When you add garnishing tools to your beverage toolkit, you open up a world of new possibilities. Basics like sugaring the rim of a fruity cocktail will be no problem, but you can also think outside of the box and use your garnishing tools to do everything from making a crumbled sandwich-cookie rim on a milkshake glass to creating mini hors d’oeuvres kabobs as a pre-dinner treat.