Stir Sticks, Cocktail Stir Sticks and Other Garnishing Tools

Sophisticated cocktails, flavored martinis, spritzers, margaritas and other mixed drinks are extremely popular, whether in bars where people meet with co-workers after a long workday or in upscale lounges designed for an elegant night out. For those wanting to impress friends and guests with the same exciting drinks or flavored liqueurs in their own homes, Williams-Sonoma has created a number of garnishing tools to provide great results. Don’t forget to check out our selection of cocktail shakers and other bar tools. No martini would be complete without our Stainless-Steel Cocktail Picks. They can be used for a traditional virgin olive martini, or – by adding small pieces of fresh fruit or chocolate – are excellent for garnishing appletinis, chocolate and cherry martinis and countless other variations. Each piece has a unique design so guests can easily identify their drinks. Make sure to have a set of martini glasses on hand for the occasion.

If you enjoy the tropical flavors of a good margarita, you already know how important it is to have a bit of salt or sugar on the rim of the glass. A cocktail rimmer makes this task as easy as flipping the glass upside down and dipping it into a bit of liquid and a bit of salt or sugar. And for an especially personalized touch sure to amaze your company, create your own infused alcohols with one of our mason jars. They let you add intense floral, herbal, spiced, citrus and fruity notes to your favorite vodka, rum, tequila and more. Several sizes cater to your ideal batch, and generally feature a spout and filtering straw for effortless serving. Also, keep a handy paring knife nearby to quickly cut fruit or garnishes.