Cocktail Shakers & Mixing Glasses

While natural talent and plenty of experience have a lot to do with how well your mixed drinks turn out, the right tools can play a significant part in cocktail success. If you‘re interested in elevating your home bartending efforts to a more sophisticated level, Williams-Sonoma‘s selection of cocktail shakers and mixing glasses can help you reach that higher plane. From classic cocktails to modern mixology improvisation, you can shake (or stir) your way to excellence with the tools in this product category.

A cocktail shaker can help you do everything from create chilled shots with no ice to craft elaborate drinks from recipes that require multiple steps and exotic ingredients like absinthe or unusually flavored bitters. This is a great tool category on its own, but it‘s always nice to bring some other equipment to the party. Pair your mixing glasses and cocktail shakers with muddlers, swizzle sticks and cocktail glass rimmers for a full complement of the tools you need to create incredible drinks. Muddlers are useful for mixed drinks like mojitos and old fashioneds, which see fruit and herbs getting mushed up in your cocktail shaker before you add ice, liquor and additional flavors. Then you shake and, depending on the drink, strain or pour it into an appropriate glass and presto: you‘ve created an incredible cocktail. While some drinks, like martinis, require nothing but the shaker and perhaps a strainer to keep chilling but diluting ice from melting into the glass, adding more tools helps you expand your horizons and repertoire.

It‘s also a good idea to pair your cocktail shaker with jiggers and other measuring tools, especially if you‘re new to home bartending. This will ensure that your drinks are just the right strength and that your proportions are correct. You may eventually be able to get enough of a feel for the process that you can dispense with the measurements, but when you‘re starting out, it‘s best to be precise. In this way, bartending is like cooking. Once your intuition is in place, you can be more footloose and fancy free with recipes, but until then, playing by the rules will help you build the skills and experience that shape your intuition. And just as having a variety of different tools helps you do your job correctly in the kitchen, having the right bar tools will help you be at your best in your home bar.