Carbonators & Soda Siphons

Soda water is a versatile way to jazz up just about any beverage. Williams-Sonoma makes it easy to keep a constant supply of freshly carbonated soda water at home with a selection of high-quality, high-performance soda carbonators. Having one of these tools in your house guarantees you a reliable source of bubbly water for your mixology efforts and a great way to give kids and guests a healthier alternative to bottled, processed sodas. Whether you choose to buy flavoring syrups or make your own, or even if you just want to drink plain soda water because you enjoy the bubbles, our selection of soda carbonators will elevate your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage offerings.

Soda water provides a simple alternative to soda, and it can also allow you to cut some calories out of juice, too. So-called “liquid calories“ are thought to be a major contributor to health issues such as unhealthy weight gain, and this is especially true for children. Diluting a child‘s juice with soda water helps maintain good flavor and enjoyment by adding bubbles in rather than just watering down the juice‘s sweetness with still water. If an adult in your household is trying to watch his or her weight and isn‘t ready to give up that morning glass of orange juice, a soda carbonator may be a worthwhile investment that makes healthier habits a bit more palatable.

As part of a well-stocked home bar, soda carbonators allow you to expand your mixology repertoire. You can easily add soda floats to iced fruity cocktails for a little hint of effervescence that enhances the overall experience of the drink. Soda water can also be an effective foundation for mocktails, which you can serve up to designated drivers, underaged guests and anyone else who doesn‘t want or shouldn’t have an alcoholic drink. You can let your creativity run free and created some flavored simple syrups to help enhance your soda-water-augmented bartending creations.

Versatile and luxurious without being too indulgent, soda carbonators are a fun addition to your kitchen or bar. From elaborate homemade sodas to a simple glass of soda water with perhaps a hint of lemon, adding one of these tools to your home will ensure that you‘re never far from an interesting, refreshing beverage. With simple operation instructions and minimal requirement for upkeep, a soda carbonator will soon become one of your new favorite culinary toys.