Bottle Openers

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re just dying to drink a cold beer or soda right out of the bottle? It’s at times like these that worry can strike: you can’t find your bottle opener, or worse, it breaks as you try to use it. Williams-Sonoma is here to rescue your drink. Our selection of bottle openers offers you a variety of sturdy, reliable options, including some wall-mounted openers that will stay put no matter what. With additional decorative handheld models you won’t want to let out of your sight, our bottle opener selections give you maximum versatility and convenience so you’ll never be stuck without a way to open your bottles again.

No matter what your entertaining style is, bottle openers are essential bar tools, even for a household that doesn’t typically serve or consume alcohol. With a growing range of options for sparkling water, mineral water and craft sodas available on supermarket shelves, to neglect the bottle opener is to deprive yourself of access to some of the most delicious and refreshing drinks you can find. The crimped crown cap bottle style is back in favor with beverage manufacturers, so it makes good sense to have the right tools to flip one of these classic caps off the bottle.

Whether you prepare to decant your beer or soda into a glass or you want to quaff it straight from the bottle, it’s best to avoid agitating the liquid inside before you open. Our bottle openers have a simple lever-key design that allows you to open even a stubborn cap with a few simple motions. The result is a cleanly opened bottle with no carbonation eruptions in sight. Made of a sturdy zinc alloy metal, these bottle openers are strong enough to stand up to repeated use without bending or breaking, and they also look great, with three-dimensional sculptural elements depicting icons such as an old-school mustache or a jowly bulldog.

With the resurgence of capped bottles coming from craft breweries and artisan sodamakers, bottle openers have become indispensable tools for a modern kitchen. Choose a handheld opener, a wall-mounted model or both for maximum convenience. Many of our wall-mounted bottle openers come with mounting hardware, making it even easier to have a convenient, stationary, decorative bottle-opening tool right in your kitchen, outdoor area, home bar or living room. These bottle openers also make great gifts for everyone from college students to recent retirees, so don’t hesitate to scoop up a few of these excellent tools to share.