Bar Tool Sets

It’s a beautiful night, the hors d’oeuvres are prepared, the guests are arriving and everyone is ready for a pleasant evening. Serving well-made drinks adds to the ambience, and our bar tool sets can help with any bartending task. A basic set of these drink mixing tools will include a strainer for making cocktails, a stirring spoon for blending mixed drinks and a jigger for measuring just the right amount of alcohol. Some of the larger bar tool sets offered by Williams-Sonoma include bottle openers, knives, tongs, display racks and carrying cases that help keep your bartending tools organized and ready to use.

Slices of tangy citrus fruit or lemon peel curls add a touch of flavor and color to mixed drinks, and our selection of bar tools includes just what you need to create that effect. Try one of our bar knives and a cutting board for making citrus wedges to slip over the rims of your glasses. Pick up a citrus peeler and channel knife for your home bar collection and enjoy preparing fruity and zesty garnishes for drinks. Add a fruit tool to make your own pitted cherries, freshly squeezed lemon juice or curls of lemon zest.

Freely flowing cold drinks can create a foundation for a fun event because it helps keep the party lively and the conversation flowing. Choose one of our tool sets that include an ice bucket and tongs to keep plenty of ice on hand to use while bartending. To add to the theme of your event, choose one of our silicone ice molds to make shaped ice for your drinks. Use ice tongs to ramp up the fun when you reach into the ice bucket and grab hunks of water frozen in the shapes of spheres, skulls, airplanes, bulldogs, shells and traditional cubes to perfectly chill your guests’ beverages.

Add some fizz to your mixed drinks with carbonated water, and then gently stir everything with the long-handled spoon from the set of bar tools. Our soda carbonators use plain tap water to let you make up your own sparkling water in any quantity you need. So, you won’t have to worry about running out during an important event you are hosting. For guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, you can take advantage of your bar tool set when offering tall glasses of icy sparkling water embellished with a squeeze of fresh juice and a fruit slice or curl of citrus zest.