Beer Making Kits, Cocktail Sets and Other Bartending Tools

Create a professional bartending setup in your own kitchen, bar or dining area. Whether you have a permanent bar in your home or you use your kitchen as a mixing station, bar tool sets can help you stir up delicious drinks for your next cocktail or dinner party. Tool sets can include several different accessories such as bottle openers, jiggers, strainers and ice tongs. Some sets may also include additional accessories such as cocktail shakers, ice buckets, wine openers, bar spoons and and garnish shavers. Our collections include plenty of different colors, styles and finishes, including stainless steel, wood, copper and enamel.

Williams-Sonoma also carries a large inventory of items to help you complete your home bar setup. Choose from cocktail glasses, wine glasses and bar glasses in a selection of styles ranging from classic to contemporary. Whether you like your martinis shaken or stirred, you can find a variety of shakers and mixing glasses to whip up your favorite drinks. Use ice molds to serve up your custom cocktails featuring different ice cube shapes. Add other odds and ends such as pouring spouts, cocktail picks, cocktail rimmers and bottle stoppers to round off your collection. For more bar ideas and inspiration, browse our glassware and bar accessories collections.