From getting every last drop of freshly made hummus out from your food processor bowl to ensuring an even mix for muffin batter, spatulas are among the most useful tools in a modern kitchen. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of baking spatulas, most of which use silicone to create a flexible, heat-resistant scraping tool that can bend and wiggle into tight corners. From scraping down the sides of a stock pot filled with a rich, thick soup to gently folding chocolate ganache into whipped cream for mousse, these handy tools are the right fit for the job.

Thanks to their versatility and adaptability, silicone spatulas have become near-indispensible baking tools for home cooks everywhere. If you haven‘t yet tried working with this innovative material, do yourself a favor and introduce a silicone spatula into your baking drawer immediately. From mini to large, you‘ll have the ability to purchase silicone baking spatulas in a variety of different sizes. Straight-sided silicone spatulas are best for mixing and scraping; keep one on hand as you whip up doughs and batters to keep everything evenly mixed and successfully transfer everything from your mixing bowl to a baking dish. This section also contains offset icing spatulas, which allow you to incorporate professional tools of the trade into the decoration of cupcakes, cakes, cookies and other sweet treats.

If you already use silicone spatulas for cooking savory foods, it‘s best to get another, separate set for mixing baked goods. Silicone is a popular material for a reason; it‘s versatile and doesn‘t melt under high heat conditions. However, it does tend to retain flavors and smells, so it‘s best to avoid mixing baking and cooking spatulas. That way, you‘ll bake picture-perfect cakes that have not even a trace of flavors that are otherwise delicious but not desirable in sweet baked goods, including garlic, onion and hot pepper.

You‘ll find myriad ways to use your silicone baking spatulas. Whether it‘s digging into a pot of jam or honey to get every last morsel of sweetness or smoothing the top of an uneven pour of batter into a baking tin, these handy tools show their worth on a regular basis. With a variety of different sizes, styles and colors to choose from, including some whimsical designs that add an extra touch of fun to everything you do in the kitchen, our selection of baking spatulas offers everything you need to pursue perfection at home.